15 Terms That will Give You Horros in Your College Life4 min...

15 Terms That will Give You Horros in Your College Life4 min read


Attendance – If you are a fun loving person, which I believe most of us are and you don’t like to attend most of the obviously boring lectures. Then you are going to hate attendance requirement that almost all the regular colleges impose upon their students. So if you lack attendance it’s gonna be a scary thing to hear.

ER – Essential Repeat in its complete majesty, this is going to make you shiver with the fear of having to give your exam one more time.The same exam that you hated since you were born. Let’s have two minutes of silence for all those who have an ER. Let’s bribe God a little more so that people who get ER clear it the next time.    

Repeat – A year repeat can give you several personal crises and for all the damn reasons on earth you would not like to hear this term from your friends or your teachers. One year repeat means you will have to sit with the same fuchas whom you gave the freshers’ last time, damn embarrassing right?

Marksheet – After the holy ritual of examinations comes the great advent of mark-sheet that you wish you could bury in the ground or burn it up without letting anybody have a hint of it. Now you know why all those seniors never showed you their mark-sheets.

Date-Sheet – Another sheet that screws up the life of a college going kid is Date-sheet. It will be similar to date of death to many but yeah who cares you are safe till the results are not out. It is literally itinerary of emotional, personal, psychological, mental and physical torture yet to come.

Teacher – Do you have a favorite teacher? The one who let you talk in the class and never says anything when you don’t do assignments or when you don’t carry the book? oh! I should not imagine too much. Most of us dislike hearing even a mention of teachers it makes us think about our sinking career.

Principal – That scary guy who sits behind so many walls under the cover of his PA and always appears in events and functions to repeat the same words each time. Yeah! we all hate him and just in case he has sent for you, boy your life is hell from now on. He will be talking to you and suddenly horns might pop up from his head.

Discipline – go right, don’t go left, pee on the right side, do not breathe twice at the same time, that’s what we call discipline and you can’t escape the trauma. College is going to be fun if you can break laws and get away with it. That’s what we call the way to be in a college.

Result – Have you ever been to funeral? you will have the similar feelings when you will have your results. Many your friends might also try to troll you with fake result news. They have all the rights to do this because this is such a traumatic experience which you will have after each examinations.

Internals – The pre-shocks will begin from the internal markings when you will be alone with your marks,  you will feel loneliness and you would be able to comprehend the vastness of the world, as no friend can share the marks. pretty much like you have been raped out of life.

Examinations – In a hall full of silent students and teachers there will be a three hours massraping session. Where all the students will be raped by the questions coming from the rocket-launchers of teachers. Even the mention of it would make you see stars in the daylight.

Assignments – I know how much we all love to sloth and hate these assignments but academically it’s gonna be fatal so it would be better to do away with them and yeah on the last date only.

Rank – After results you guys will begin ranking each other according to the marks that you get which are most probably outcome of the mood driven checker. I really wish we could help it anyway. I know it feels so bad when your friend is a topper and you have failed. You feel like killing him.

Degree – all the pains and the struggles of college are for a single piece of paper called degree. Will one get it or not? that is the question, it is an utter pain to talk about such a topic.

Placement – Most of us go to college just to get settled with a highly prosperous seven digit annual salary on our minds. Placement or no placement this dilemma would drain the blood from your vains.