10 Things You’ll Definitely Miss After You Graduate!3 min read

10 Things You’ll Definitely Miss After You Graduate!3 min read

things you're going to miss after you graduate

Graduation is the day when every student comes to see his journey of the last 3/4 years which he spent in his college campus.

From the first ever-so-nervous day to the last teary-eyed-nostalgic day of farewell, college is undoubtedly the most memorable part of one’s life.

Since some of us are graduating, let’s take a quick look on what we all are going to miss

  1. Making new friends and an unofficial meet with the SENIORS.


meeting seniors in college

We enter the  class and take our seat and suddenly from somewhere a hand comes to you saying ‘Hey I’m….’ and the rest becomes history.

Ragging is banned but meeting seniors and having a small session of introduction and general gossips makes our day and we congratulate ourselves for getting through  it without making a mess, don’t we?



2) Having Crush on cute and Hot Professors.

hot and cute professors in college

Every college has one or two Professors who are cute as heaven and hot as hell. And everyone in class has a huge crush on them and no one misses their lecture. (It’s her class bhaii, jaldi bhaag warna late ho jayengey!, remember?)

3) Copying Boring assignments.

copying assignments in college

No one likes to work and when it comes to assignments we either get it done by others (generally our nerdy friend) or we  other’s work, which it comes out they copied from the internet’s notes!

All hail internet *winks*.

4) Playing games during lectures.

playing games during lectures in college

When we are not in the mood of attending the lecture but have to attend it due that monster called attendance!

We end up either talking or gossiping or playing games. Example: – Candy Crush or Mini Militia.  Agree?

5) Hanging out with group after bunking classes.

hanging out with friends in college

And then there are some days when we are not in mood to attend college and we plan to visit new places.. The squad is always ready for adventures, eh?

6) College trips with the squad

college trips with friends

Unlike the official ones, the ones where we are the bosses, yes you guessed it right, the unofficial ones give us everlasting memories and some quick life lessons to reflect upon.

7) Parties and Fests.

shahrukh khan in college

The fun begins with fresher’s followed by fests, concerts farewells and the party life becomes endless with some great food and well, liquor.

8) The delicious (sarcastic in some cases) Canteen food.

college canteens in delhi university

Canteen, the most active spot of the whole college and the bhaiya who makes the spot all the more awesome, gets added in our favourite’s list of hangout place, doesn’t it?

9) Unlimited downloading, Free Wi-Fi.

wifi in DU colleges

Who doesn’t love Free Wi-Fi for endless downloading?

And, thanks to the college campuses that we get a free and unlimited access to one of the most basic necessities of today’s life : the internet! It will surely be missed.

10) Late night studies…

group studies during college exams

When the exam season approaches, we all go back into our shells and while studying with our group, we decide to complete the whole syllabus in one night (geniuses that we all are!)

When we all come together, we land up not even completing a single page. The funniest moment comes when on the exam day we look at each other with a faint hint of a hopeless smile!

At last, it would just be perfect to say that College, you will be missed and all those memories with friends will be  cherished all through our lives!

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