Incroyable Photography Festival – Campskil to debut with a bang in Delhi2...

Incroyable Photography Festival – Campskil to debut with a bang in Delhi2 min read


Are you a Photography freak?

Well then here’s something really exciting and beneficial for you.

But first, let me introduce you to an amazing organisation- Campskil.

It organises skill development events such as workshops, seminars, symposia, etc for each and every skill one can think of. It is an innovative initiative to enhance the skills you have.

It aims to polish your skills and makes you a master in your area of interest!

The good news?

Campskil is conducting its first event – ‘Incroyable Photography festival’!

This is the coolest opportunity to learn and earn and that too in your favorite field of interest.

Incroyable Photography Festival by Campskil

Basically it will be a two day Fashion photography cum Film making workshop. The Incredible photographers by Shankar Bathla will be holding the session on 9th and 10th of August.

Shankar Bathla is a versatile photographer who is currently working with National Geographic Channel. Well the excitement doesn’t end here as Nimit Nigam who is Delhi’s leading Astro Photographer will also hold an intriguing session on Astro photography.

You can get this opportunity for a mere amount of 749/-. For further information refer Campskil’s FB page.

Source: Campskil

Here is something to excit you even more.

You are not just gonna learn but earn too as mentioned above. At the end of the workshop Photo junction will be hosting a competition and the first three winners will be getting goodies worth 10k.

Not just that, for each one attending the workshop there awaits exciting coupons and vouchers by frapp.

As Campskil is a student oriented startup, they keep in mind that they have to maintain your interest all along, and what else could interest Delhi’s youngsters more than Hauz Khas? Fascinating enough! Yes you got me right! This event will be organized in The Antisocial, Hauz Khas Village. This is the best chance for you if photography gushes through your veins, grab it!

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