21-years-old Creative Man Got Hired Without an Interview in GQ – This...

21-years-old Creative Man Got Hired Without an Interview in GQ – This is How?2 min read

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A lot can happen over a piece of paper

Got Hired Without an Interview in GQ

One might lose his/her job if they use this paper merely as a paper.  And on the other hand one can do wonders and be on board even without an interview. If they turn a plain ,simple white paper into a breathtaking resume.

And it took only one young man to understand the importance of this one resume in his life. And guess what? he made sure that he designed this resume of his worth this chance.
Now one might wonder that how can one’s resume be made so different or interesting that one gets hired even without an interview! Well the answer to this is given by the person himself, Sumukh Mehta, who says, “In today’s competitive world. Everything is just so difficult that you need to be creative if you really want to make things work. And that’s what I did”.


He completed his graduation in management from Centre of management studies, Jain University. He laid the first stone by his own venture ‘Your Pitch’ an year ago, where he converted uninteresting, boring resumes into out of the ordinary ones with his amazing creativity in info-graphics. Sumukh was given resumes of many MBA graduates to be turned into interesting and eye catching ones. 160 is the number of resumes which were made by him using info graphics for the B-school.

Got Hired Without an Interview in GQ

After making it happen for all those MBA graduates, he created his own and applied for British GQ, which somehow happened to be one of those outstanding resumes that made his life turn around and he was on  board in one of the leading men’s magazine “Gentlemen’s Quarterly” without an interview.

His whole resume was not just on one paper but exactly like a magazine with 20 pages in it, where his cover page looked like:

Mr.Che Kurrien, Editor of GQ India, was so impressed with Mehta’s resume that he posted this on Instagram.
He took care of every detail and listed down it very creatively.
Editor-in chief Dylan Jones, who was totally in awe with his creativity called Sumukh Mehta after a week informing him that he has been directly hired for the London office of Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

Here is an amazing resume of this amazingly creative man, take a look of what actually made him stand out of the crowd:

Got Hired Without an Interview in GQ

well done man!!

source of images: https://www.facebook.com/sumukhmehta/posts/10210168556437544
tell us about your take on his creativity!

Got Hired Without an Interview in GQ