How to Tackle the Monster otherwise known as Semester Exams!3 min read

How to Tackle the Monster otherwise known as Semester Exams!3 min read

Semester exams

Edits by – Maanya Charu Kalra

Well, the above picture clearly explains an average student’s situation.

Semester exams are called the worst thing that could happen to any student after all the college festivals and bunking of classes. But at the end of the day, we all must know how to tackle and survive them without breaking down.

Here are a few tips that can help you survive and destroy this ‘monster’ of an exam season:


Making a proper schedule for the day is a necessity in the exam season. Most of our time is wasted in social mingling on Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter because of lack of determination to perform well. Making a proper schedule and pasting it on the walls of your room along with some motivational quotes to help you study efficiently and will usher you towards your goal.

Don't stress over exams!



Don’t neglect breaks, take them periodically. Studying for long durations can often lead to lack of concentration and interest in that particular subject. Breaks can range from watching funny Youtube videos, a simple chai break to whatever helps you relax.

Eating on time is important



Solve as many problems as you can. Keeping in touch with your seniors can be beneficial for you at this stage. Hit them up and gather all the previous year’s question papers and start solving them. At the end of the day, our professors are also as lazy as we are and chances are that most of the questions will come from last year’s question bank.

                                                        Solve question papers



We usually forget to regularly talk to our parents and friends. Isolation eventually leads to minor depression which is sadly normal during exam time. Keep on calling your parents, maybe even a video call sometimes. Talking to them is a stress reliever and an enhancer of performance.

Visit your friends during lunch or dinner time, hang around with them and freely discuss your doubts and problems with them. Learning from other students is the best way to save time and understand topics quickly.

“In engineering what you think is difficult may be easy for other person and vice versa.We are all scholars in our own rights”

 Group studies


Listening to music while studying helps but be cautious of your choice in songs. While classical music is an excellent choice, loud rock or songs that contain lyrics in them will not only distract you but also prevent you from remembering your answers.

Also, do not avoid sleeping in order to study more or to revise. Sleep acts as a natural cleanser and helps to clean all the waste that is stored within our brain in the form of stress or harmful thoughts. Wake up fresh and hit the books.

Recreational activities while studying

At the end, we all know that a single piece of paper cannot decide our future. So be calm, stress-free and remember what great baba Ranchod Das said:

“Run behind excellence and knowledge, success will follow you itself!”

All the best for your exams!

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