5 Best Options After Your Graduation2 min read

5 Best Options After Your Graduation2 min read


One of the most frequent question that appears in the minds of the students pursuing BA (Bachelor in Arts) is what to do after Graduation.
Well the Art faculty has no less career opportunities options than commerce or science.
Arts has a tremendously vast stream and offers a variety of career options and undoubtedly is one of the best fields to pursue a future career.
Subjects like literature, Foreign languages,Sociology, Psychology, History,Political Science and Economics are now a days into main stream.
Many people in today’s era are the one who hold just a BA degree and have changed the face of their respective industries.

Here are a few career options after a BA degree in following subjects:

BA in Literature
If you hold a degree of BA in Literature, you can choose a career in Content Writing, Teaching,Politics etc.You can always feel satisfied when you will be able to express your views via your write-ups.You can also pursue a career as a journalist and write for newspaper, magazines etc.

BA in Psychology

Well in order to transgress the much cliched idea of studying science to become a doctor,one may always opt for Psychology which is the study of human mind and body without studying science. Once you complete your degree, you casen do an internship in any of the fields like childhood psychologist, environmental psychologist, criminal psychologist etc.Psychologists are in demand as a doctor can only subscribe medicines where as a psychologist studies the reason behind a person’s behaviour and help to bring about a change in the individual.

BA in History.

If you hold a degree of BA in History, you can go for various programs in future which will indeed be successful in your career graph.
If you have keen interest in observing and studying minute details of places and sites you can go for Archaeological studies as well.

BA in Economics

It’s not necessary to study commerce to pursue a career in banking and finance. Degree in economics is a gateway to the Administrative Services in India and is also given higher preference as India is on a developing stage.
One may pursue a writing career for economics news column in leading newspapers.

Foreign Languages

One can always opt for learning and exploring Foreign languages after BA in same.Various University exchange programmes as well as different efforts by nations to promote education at international level helps in development as well as in the assimilation of cultures.
In this era of globalization, having specialization in Foreign Languages tends one to explore a lot of opportunities through various international exchanges of policies and bussiness.

So these few ideas of what to do after BA does give a lot of imprint on how one can mould their carrier paths after graduation.
Arts is a vast stream and therefore has a variety of subjects to offer and give an individual an opportunity to choose from a variety of discipline and industries.