5 Strange Reasons That Make Udta Punjab is Best Film of 20162...

5 Strange Reasons That Make Udta Punjab is Best Film of 20162 min read


1.The bitter truth & nothing fake

Udta Punjab is Best Film of 2016
Udta Punjab has nothing to do with fiction or some drama. The movie showcases the reality of the current state of Punjab.

According to various surveys if there is a teenager in Punjab he(generally males) are in effect of some kind of drug.

2.The film speaks itself out!

Udta Punjab is Best Film of 2016
The film (despite having cuss words) strongly conveys the message of drug addiction in a particular state of India. And against the corrupt policies used by politicians in the country.

Despite being in controversy for its “too open” content and strong language, the film targets the right audience and conveys its message brilliantly throughout.

3.Binds the audience

Udta Punjab is Best Film of 2016
The plot of the movie is designed in such a way that one may not even feel like taking a ‘Break’ during the movie.

The shifting of various incidences from scene to scene was also done smartly enough, to not let the audience get confused.

4.The Cast

Udta Punjab is Best Film of 2016
The cast: Shahid, Alia, Diljeet, Kareena and everyone in the movie has made it a huge success. The acting is natural and one will be certainly impressed. By the work as they are successful in connecting the audience with their respective characters.
Alia despite being criticized often about her role of a labor justifies it well enough to quite the critics. Shahid has been phenomenal with his drug addict Rock Star role. In all, everyone in the movie will satisfy you as it appears as real as it is possible for a movie.

5.The End part

Udta Punjab is Best Film of 2016

Though the end appeared abrupt and non-satisfying but it had a very strong ending. The ending of the movie leaves the key character in a state of silence. This signifies the war has just begun and the war against drugs isn’t any one person’s, everyone has to contribute in it.
It also tells us that killing a certain mafia of drugs will not solve the problems. As they are just pawns of our corrupt system the roots of this problem are deep and we need to eradicate it from the root level.

If you still haven’t watched this movie, please do so! And you will return satisfied and aware about the problems of our society.

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