5 ways to turn your existing wardrobe into an ethereal fest look2...

5 ways to turn your existing wardrobe into an ethereal fest look2 min read

Stylish fest looks out of wardrobe

The even semester of the academic session is always exciting. Whether you are a fresher who’ll experience the fest frenzy for the first time or a senior having last semester blues, the fest season is the most sought-after one.

Fest days are the ones when we all aim to look our best. But doing so can be a difficult task when you’re a broke college student such as myself. So here are some ways in which you can glam up your fest look from your existing wardrobe!

1. Add denim

Denim is a great way to look stylish

Denim is highly versatile and an ace way to look stylish. The denim component of your outfit can range from a denim jacket to a bag. Denim jackets are great to wear with your dress or tunic on the chilly winter evenings of the fest days.

Got to look good? Just add denim to it.

2. Boots

Knee length boots

It doesn’t matter whether the boots are ankle length or high heeled. The simple addition of any kind of boots to your outfit elevates your look from casual to classy. An added bonus of wearing boots is that fest days involve a lot of walking and standing, especially on star nights. So comfortable boots are preferable over killer heels on any given day.

Why should boys have all the comfort, yeah?

3. Roll it up

Rolling your jeans

Whether it’s the sleeve of a shirt or the hemline of your jeans, rolling it up gives your outfit an edgy look that is hard to match. One thing to remember is understanding the right amount to roll. Rolling the hem two-three times looks good but you shouldn’t just definitely roll half your jeans away.

Rocking, rolling and slaying!

4. Wear a pretty belt over it

Wearing a belt to make your dress look cooler

One sure shot way to make an old or out of fashion tunic work is to wear a belt over it. This way you are not only creating a fashionable look but also securing your dress in its place.

Who said that those thick buckled things aren’t useful?

5. Accessorize

Adding accessories to your outfit

Accessories are what come to your rescue when you can’t choose a stylish outfit. Btw, is everyone’s pocket money so low?!

It can be anything from a chic pair of earrings to an extravagantly worn scarf with that simple top. A vintage hat can make your outfit look just as elegant as a fashionable top can.

Just add a glittery thing and you’re as good as new.

So these were some of the wardrobe hacks that you can now use to rock your fest look. Whatever you chose to go with, remember, confidence is the key to shine!

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