7 best cafes in South Campus which can give you major foodgasms5...

7 best cafes in South Campus which can give you major foodgasms5 min read

Best cafes in South Campus

College is about to begin and it will mark the beginning of a new life for the freshers. If you’re one of these Fucchas or Fresh Bacchas in DU, you will find this experience overwhelming. You’ll make new friends, crushes, frenemies and what not. But while you’re enjoying this life, shouldn’t you know about the hottest food outlets in town?

Spending a successful college life means figuring out the mantra for getting scrumptious and pocket-friendly food. After all, your gang will need a place to crash after a stressful lecture. So, here is a list of all such crazy cafes which will treat your taste buds for a minimal amount:

1. Echoes

Best Cafes in South Campus
Source: Inuth

It is a café with a cause in Delhi’s Satya Niketan area that employs people with hearing and speech impairment. The café serves a mix of Continental, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and American cuisine. It is fully managed by deaf and mute staff thus, with the most affecting USP. This café is situated right opposite to the Venkateshwara college and is a hit among students in the area.

It serves reasonably priced food and beverages and the question of dealing with deaf and mute waiters is very well managed and controlled with the help of light bulbs and placards. Its Mac and cheese balls, Mexican Pizza and Choco Death Shake are some of the delicacies that cannot be missed. Also, the beautiful and serene environment is the one to die for.

Cost for two people – Rs 500/-

Address – Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi.

2. Young Wild Free

Best cafes in South Campus
Source: KhauGali

This place has amusement and entertainment written all over it and is every photographer’s paradise. It serves tasty and fresh food at a pocket-friendly price. It provides Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisines and its unique shakes will ultimately give you foodgasms.

Sultan of Swings, Turkish Chicken and Cloud No. 9 are some of the bestsellers here.

Cost for two people – Rs 500/-

Address – 13, 1st Floor, Satya Niketan, South Delhi, 110021

3. Big Yellow Door

Best cafes in South Campus
Source: Franchise India

Generally known as BYD, with its statement yellow coloured door in an asymmetrical shape, it is probably one of the best places when it comes to good quality, pocket-friendly food. One would rarely ever find BYD empty. It offers some of the best Italian and fast food items with a very subtle and comfortable ambience.

Its bestsellers are Cheese Bomb Burger, Baked Nachos along with Kit- Kat Shake and Rocky Road Shake. As they say, old is gold.

Cost for two people – Rs 600/-

Address – H8, Satyaniketan Road, Opposite Venkateshwara College, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi.

4. Cafeteria and Co.

Best cafes in Satya Niketan
Source: Zomato

Rare are those who haven’t heard the name of the college food joint QD’s. Well, Cafeteria and Co. is a younger, better-looking version of the former and comes as an unprecedented option in the realm of pocket-friendly eateries. The cafe is known for its spacious environment and cool music.

Coming to food, Cafeteria and Co. specialise in Mexican, American, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The speciality of this place includes its chicken fries, Belgium Chocolate Shake, Jalapeno bombs and pretty much everything that you’ll find on the menu.

Cost for two people – Rs 500/-

Address – 293, near QD’s, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi – 110021.

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5. Pipeline

Best cafes in South Campus
Source: My Dala

This café is priced economically and is just the perfect package for college students. It serves delicious food and beverages such as baked nachos with cheese and chicken, shepherd’s pie, konjee crispy lamb, banoffee pie, Ferrero Rocher and Kit Kat shakes. From basic North Indian delights to international favourites such as Italian, Chinese and Continental, the café serves a mix of cuisines.

It’s momos and coffee frappe deserve a special mention here as well since they are ordered by every second person in the café. However, one has to visit this café preferably with a reservation else it is flooded with students all through the day. Better get going faster.

Cost for two people – Rs 600/-

Address – 37, 2nd floor, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, 110021.

6. Woodbox

The wooden décor of the café does justice to the name. It is perhaps the best place for shakes as it has some of the most scintillating milkshakes. It serves Italian, American, Mexican, North Indian and Chinese cuisine. The delicacies that people like are pizza, Penne Arrabiata, Nachos, and Mocktails.

This cafe has a very friendly, courteous and prompt service with live music and comfortable seating. ‘Mother of Chicken Burger’, Strawberry – Oreo shake shouldn’t be missed here at any cost.

Cost for two people – Rs 800/-

Address – Shop 288, opposite Venkateshwara College, Satya Niketan, New Delhi.

7. Diggin

Source: Indian Food Freak

If you thought that all the best eateries are situated in Satya Niketan only then you’re mistaken. This crowned jewel near Gargi college serves food that a college student would love along with a bright, colourful and a cheerful ambience. There are burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, plus desserts and a few surprises of the culinary kind such as zucchini fries, baked goat cheese and bacon stuffed legs.

The café offers outdoor as well as indoor seating options. This place scores high on the décor and the overall setting. As if all this wasn’t enough, Diggin also offers a special student menu with cheaper rates and all you need to do is show your student identity card.

Cost for two people – Rs 1000/-

Address – Anand Lok Shopping Centre, Opposite Gargi College, Anand Lok, New Delhi.

So, which ones are the nearest to your college? Let us know in the comments section below or maybe, write a review and show us! Keep following Campus Drift for all college-related stuff.