7 Reasons why being an IPian is just Awesome!3 min read

7 Reasons why being an IPian is just Awesome!3 min read


GGSIPU, commonly known as IPU among students in India isn’t really our first choice when it comes to admissions, is it?

In fact, IP University is more commonly known as the “Lender of the Last Resort University

Mainly because of its reputation of providing admissions easily without asking much from students even in this modern era of stiff competition.

But the reality of being an IP-ian is completely different.

IP students aren’t really your average sorry students who keep regretting their board exam performances or someone who wouldn’t even care if their college burns to ground tomorrow.

IP colleges are same as any other college of any university and even better in some aspects which are often overlooked while we’re busy making fun of IPU and IP-ians. Here are seven reasons to prove that it is actually awesome to study here:

1) Lesser expectations lesser demands

IP university is considered to grant admissions to students who have lost all hopes of getting a seat in any college.

This actually works out in the favor of IP-ians  as students are expected to do less and parents and teachers are less demanding as well.

No daant for getting less than Sharma ji’s son! Waah 😛

2) Better infrastructure-

Infrastructure is an area in which IP colleges excel and are better than most of the other colleges.

Colleges like MSIT and MAIT are good examples of modern developed infrastructure which is an important element of overall student development AND we have AC classrooms as well.

You were saying something about being better? LOL.

3) A decent crowd

IP colleges are trolled when it comes to academics but when it comes to handsome guys and hot girls, IP colleges are always popular. *we have got what you long for*.

4) Eye catching events and fests throughout the year

IP university colleges are known to organize some of the most awaited events and college fests throughout the year which include star performances and many interesting events as well.

Well, we have our perks!

5) Growing opportunities

Developing infrastructure of IP university has opened new doors.

There are opportunities for students who are not so good in academics to practice and improve extra-curricular skills to pursue different careers (because there is so much more to life than engineering and honors, right?)

6) Wide variety of courses offered

IP university colleges offer a wide variety of UG and PG programs which provide basis for promising careers for students, because your choice matters.

7) Improving placement record

In the past 5 years students from IP university colleges have been placed in good companies.

They are providing decent salary packages which induce many students to enroll in various internship programs as well.

*oh well let’s talk about placement packages, shall we?*

So, think twice before trolling an IP-ian again because we are really happy about our choices and we would like to tell all of you that we are AWESOME!

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