7 Reasons You Must Participate in Miss University2 min read

7 Reasons You Must Participate in Miss University2 min read


You probably think that beauty pageants are all about being plastic and walking on the ramp, don’t you? But, that’s actually not true at all! There is so much more to these competitions than just good looks. Want to witness an example? Well, here we are with “Miss University 2016.”, where you can’t just rely on your looks but many more things. Here are a few reasons highlighting why you should participate in Miss University:

      1. It’s not “all about good looks”.


Miss University is way too different from any beauty pageant you have ever witnessed. If you wish to achieve the title, you really need some wit and talent because our last round is waiting for you with all these tricky and mind boggling questions. So, you literally need to be a ‘beauty with brains’.

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      2. Building Self-Confidence


The topmost reason to enter a beauty pageant is to build self-confidence. The kind of self-confidence you will gain by the end of the competition will be your real achievement.

After all, empowerment is beautiful, agree?

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       3. Not just ramp walk


We literally had a brain storming session on different rounds that we are going to have in this competition. So, we have a Portfolio round which will test your poise and a Dubsmash round which will be a fun activity if you have the keeda of acting inside you! Not too mainstream.

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      4. Meeting New People

We have to meet people in order to be successful.  Miss University is an excellent way to meet people.  From famous fashion designers, to photographers, sensational stylists, awesome bloggers, from the venue director to the other participants as well. Contacts help in the long run and if you have a dream of becoming a model then this is the place you SHOULD be at.

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      5. It’s fun!

Pageants are fun. There is nothing like getting dressed up and being seen by other people. All the butterflies in your stomach before going on the ramp, those accelerated heart rates when you see a jury member whispering in the ear of another while you are performing! One heck of an adventure, isn’t it?

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  1. The crown and the prizes

Now, of course the crown and sash are the highlights of the competition. The title itself! You also will be getting vouchers from Forever 21 along with other cool prizes!! Shopping. Get. Set. Go ladies!

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  1. New you

Once the competition is over, we promise you, you are going to be a whole new person. You will learn so much about poise, grace, proper communication, building self-confidence, networking, and much more! You will learn and of course you will have the time of your lives.

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We hope that these reasons are enough to grab your attention. And as we always say :

With love, Campus Drift.

by Mehak Khan