7 Things Only a Motilal Nehru Student gets to Experience3 min read

7 Things Only a Motilal Nehru Student gets to Experience3 min read


You know how all of us have this thing, wherein we just can’t help feeling that ‘the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side’ i.e, we look to all of those other colleges we could have gone to and give a BIG *sigh*. But we all love to gloat too (oh don’t you turn your nose up, you know you do), and why wouldn’t we when we actually have something to boast about! So here are the 7 things that can only be experienced by a student of Motilal Nehru College (South campus)!



How many time have our professors had to remind us that it wasn’t the only part of the college to be decorated at an event!

All our pretty girls and cool boys hang out there. Not to mention the Seminar Hall that is nearby to peep into *snickers*.

The quadrangle got its name as the prettiest girls are always seen lingering around here.


We are literally a “door to the paradise” for all the nerds and geeks of DU. Apart from being the largest library we also have a completely separated area for students who want to read their own books.

Did I mention we have a sofa? Because we do (burn).

  1. THE HAWA MAHAL or the little footpath above Sundri Chowk.


Wanna catch the cool summer breeze? Wanna capture an artistic bollywood style airy selfie? This is were to go!

CAUTION!: Thin people keep hold of the pillars or you might be blown away.

We are fond of naming places for we are SO CREATIVE!


Literally the place everyone wants their classes in during those days when the heat is unbearable. The J-block has ACs that will keep you cool, sweat free and keep your make-up on point! *winks*

The block has functional ACs!

  1. FOOD5

The canteen has both an internal and external seating arrangement and it has the one thing that we all love FOOD!

The menu is extensive, with cheap rates and in quantities that leave you gaping. Believe me 100 bucks will feed more than 4 people! With the shahi paneer and naan, the chilli potatoes, the manchurian rice etc, it is hard to stop licking your fingers.



I ask you which college gives a free mountaineering experience within campus? Because Motilal does!

Just alongside the canteen we have a little hill with its nooks and crannies to hang out legs down, eat the yummy food and gossip!


Motilal nehru student

Our lawns might not be ‘scenic beauty’ like Miranda House, but we sure do have many of them! They are places to hangout during those cool monsoon days, an area to practice for our awesome drama society AADHAR and a place to spread out our work and do some craft work for our events.

The lawn outside the Library hosts the presentations put up by our aspiring Photographers.

Apart from these, Motilal Nehru is one of the oldest and largest college campus in DU. The 1st ramp to help the handicapped travel was built here. The Science and English department faculty is the best in South Campus. Also the college has a separate cell for the North East Students. With all these little awesome tid-bits who wouldnt want to be here!

We are proud of it, are you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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