A Thank-you Letter to Guys Who are not Perverts3 min read

A Thank-you Letter to Guys Who are not Perverts3 min read


We are often found blaming all the men of our society for eve-teasing, rapes or sexual harassment. But, we tend to forget that amidst such men who commit these heinous crimes there are a few who stand up and fight for women.

We need to learn that, “Not all men are same!” If you still don’t believe me, you need to give this a thought: If all men are sick then how come women still exist in the society? I don’t entirely blame you for such mindset.

We as girls, are forced to feel inferior of guys. The cases that we hear every day or the kind of life we lead has distorted the image of men for us.

Be it in a public transport, work premises, schools or even at homes we sense a continuous danger.

The way few men ogle at us every time we step out or some who have the courage to feel us while travelling in public transport force us to think of all men being disrespectable towards women.

I can identify with what most of you feel but I still want to take my time out to urge you all to keep this narrow point of view aside and look at the bigger picture.

Recently, I and my friend went to party at Hauz Khas. It was around 11pm when we came out of the pub and were looking for an auto rickshaw. We were a bit worried about our safety before riding the auto so I took out my phone, noted down it’s number and informed a nearby friend.

Before boarding the auto I asked for the driver’s name. He could see the terror on our faces and comforted us by giving his details and even asked us to inform as many people as we can. He told us that he does his duty honestly and that he has no impious intentions.

We were relieved. It was a distance of around 45 minutes and not even for a single second did we feel unsafe. Infact, he made us feel easy and relaxed. He told us about his daughter back home and how he looks up to every woman with utter respect and responsibility.

This incident definitely instilled my faith in humanity. I can’t thank him enough to help me see the good side of men.

I thus believe that there still exist a few who don’t fall for the temptation to stare at a woman or who take an alone woman as their responsibility rather than an opportunity.

There are men who are not provoked by that short skirt of yours and who value you for your intelligence and beauty inside. I have come across many such guys who don’t respect women and then I have met many more who actually respect women and are supportive of their dreams and achievements.

We often rant about feminism but have you ever thought that it is about equality and not about targeting men or calling them perverts? The concept of feminism aims at making a world better place to live for both the sexes and is not biased towards women.

So, in it’s true essence we must not forget to thank those guys who taught us that this society is safer for us than we actually think it is.

This letter is entirely dedicated to all the decent guys I have already met or I am yet to meet.
A big thank you for making me feel safe and secure 😀


by Divyani Malik