free wifi in delhi

Providing free Wi-Fi access across Delhi was one of the key pole promises of the ruling government AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP).

It has been a long time since that news was spreading highlighting the Delhi government’s “plans” to provide free WiFi facilities in the city. The AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) promises of providing free Wi-Fi could not get fulfilled in its first year of governance. But yes it has been a “Work in progress”.
Some reports said that the government had held its discussions and meetings with Facebook and Google. So that they can contribute their part in the plan. The government is focusing on its work, with an announcement of free internet. It will bridge the digital divide in the city. By the end of the year, there will be:
1. 1000 hot spots around 521 locations across East Delhi which will be completely Wi-Fi enabled zones.
2. 300 more access points will be added if needed.


According to the government, the free Internet service aims to match the minimum requirement of Internet for Delhiites. Mr. Ashish khetan, vice chairman of the DIALOUGE AND DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (DDC) of Delhi, an advisory body to the government, did not spell out the limit but yes, has mentioned that it would be consistent with average daily usage of an individual.

AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) has already launched free Wi-Fi aboard DTC buses. For this, the government collaborated with AIRTEL, RELIANCE, BHARTI ENTEK, etc and the free Wi-Fi is available at 1mbps for 10minutes (as the intention is being used only in case of emergency).
Along with this, government is also working on “optic – fibre” project which is an essential pre – requisite for a smart city. The project will manage the accessibility of Internet by the people in “gigabyte speed”. The students will be deriving a great advantage out of these projects, if they become successful.
Such high speed Internet was an imperative towards bringing definitive changes In the areas of education, health, safety and security, power, water and public transport.
Government plans to soon float a tender for the service. The tender will have details of:

1. Free data and usage limit.
2. Accessibility and credibility.
3. Hot spot regions and its nearby locations.

AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) is trying to fulfill its promises and will soon stand by them. The idea of free Wi-fi is a smart decision because this will definitely improve the living standards of the people. However the government felt that still there’s a need to get the proposal examined by the independent telecom consultants before taking it any further.
We hope that it gets into effect soon so that those of us who cannot afford it can easily access the same!
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