ABVP led DUSU panel spends 22 lac (about 90%) from DUSU budget...

ABVP led DUSU panel spends 22 lac (about 90%) from DUSU budget on refreshments3 min read

Source: The Indian Express

When we try to classify human beings of this planet, the best way to come to an unbiased result is by dividing them on the basis of their love – for coffee v/s tea! These two sections of the society coexist quite harmoniously but don’t be fooled because as soon as they find a person from the enemy camp in plain sight, the judgement game starts.

But what happens when these two sworn enemy camps unite and work under the same roof? They generate a bill of 22 lac! No, we are not kidding. And no, this is not a fake news (why to do fake news anyway? We all have GOT theories if we want fiction in the name of news!).

The Delhi University Students Union Panel, commonly known as DUSU is the elective body chosen democratically by the students of the University to represent and work for their benefit. However, the panel of the session 2016-17 has been reported to have consumed tea and refreshments of 22 lac rupees in one year! We don’t want to be judgemental but DUSU what were you thinking?
Politics is all about blaming the other side these days but if we were to believe the fact that three out of four elected positions were filled by ABVP candidates, the blame seems to be falling on their side. ABVP has been under a lot of controversy this year and things aren’t going to shape too well if this allegation is confirmed because the allotted budget for every year is 26 lac rupees out of which 22 have already been spent on refreshments.

People are disappointed and students are questioning the activities of the panel because a part of each student’s fee is given to the student union of the University.

This information came into light when Congress’ student body NSUI filed a RTI regarding the same and you can find it below-

The money (or the budget) has been spent on five categories (overheads) this year while last year eight categories were mentioned separately and in the earlier years there were at least twelve to eighteen categories! The panel has reduced the number of categories and grouped them all together under “MISCELLANEOUS”. Here’s last year’s budget:


There has been another case where DUSU (particularly the Vice President) has allowed Nanu Girls PG, a privately owned PG facility for girls to advertise openly in the North Campus region and it has also been authorized to distribute pamphlets.

People are questioning this decision as the University hostels are supposed to be the primary options for the students and not the privately owned houses. This also comes in direct contradiction with ABVP’s focus on hostels in DU. The opposition parties are condemning ABVP for it’s two-faced actions and have received silence in return. You can find the authorization document below-

It concerns every DU student coming under DUSU as the budget amount for DUSU is taken from their fee only.

With all these things coming up, we do not know the future of DUSU and hope that the coming elections bring a more sincere and responsible panel to power.

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