Ad Hoc strike In DU!3 min read

Ad Hoc strike In DU!3 min read

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Another month and another controversy for the renowned DELHI UNIVERSITY.  Since the last two years DU is continuously seen struggling with one problem or another. Since the beginning of the last month, evaluation is the hot topic and the reason behind an impending havoc.

According to the scene of Delhi University, teachers of DU recently spurn the under graduation exam evaluation in order to protest against the new UGC criteria to ascertain their academic performance.

Ad Hoc strike In DU

This boycotting of the evaluation by Delhi university teachers was initially a four day process but then it extended for days as UGC was not replying in their favor. DUTA gave permission to teachers to continue with this idea of protest against UGC’s decision. Long back on 6th June, the representatives of DUTA decided to attend a meeting with UGC officials regarding their new criteria.


Teachers are fuming with anger and disappointment due to new amendments made by UGC which will lead to a decrease in 50 percent of jobs and will drastically increase pupil-teacher ratio in higher education.

According to the new rules and criteria of UGC, teachers now have to take 14,16,18 lectures per week, which will obviously depend on the designation particular teacher holds and it will automatically sum up to an extra 6 hours per week.

Why teachers are more disappointed ?

Firstly, UGC has asked for 600 annual teaching hours which according to DU teachers is impossible .They believe that even if a particular teacher teaches for a complete week without taking any leave, he/she still cannot reach the decided aim. And now UGC demands for more work in lesser time. In addition to that, UGC along with the ministry stated that 5000 teachers and ad hocs from DU will be soon jobless. Even those who were earlier on permanent job statement will be asked to leave the job. The whole thing, the complete notification from UGC has fumed every professor out there.

Ad Hoc strike In DU

“Direct Teaching” of 16 to 18 hours is just the way to increase work load , in which tutorials and lab work will be regularly done in consideration to new rules . This was just the working hours of normal professors but when it comes to associate professors, it is notified that they have to teach for 14 to 22 hours .

Why teachers were out on the streets?

“ There has been a 55% cut in the budgetary allocation for the education sector.” Said one of the teacher on protest . according to them government is paying more focus to private sector education than public sector due to which there has been  a reduction in students scholarship and fellowship .Teachers are really upset while stating the “not expecting” state of mind ,as university earlier promised for the expansion of infrastructure and every thing after OBC quota expansion but this idea till the date didn’t came in the spotlight .Students too complaints about some facts recently, related to temporary classrooms in the colleges ,which were made out of the free spaces in the college .The worst part of this whole story is ,they have to give their exams under the tents constructed in grounds .

Keeping an eye on all such negligence by Ministry and UGC, teachers boycotted the checking of papers due to which results will be delayed.

Students now have to wait for some more time and after investigating the complete scene it is evident that the classes will not begin early in July .

If \ this whole controversy will take more time ,obviously students result and future will be affected as well as burden on the teachers will be increased.

DUTA has asked for a favorable decision so that no one will get affected.

What we can say is that it is the students who will be suffering as the ones who are graduating will need their report cards as soon as possible and there is no clue of when that is going to happen.

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