ADHM vs Shivaay: Let’s get brutally honest!3 min read

ADHM vs Shivaay: Let’s get brutally honest!3 min read


Ae dil hai mushkil:


another Kjo movie and guess what? It’s just that a boy and a girl can never be “just friends”. One of them will surely end up falling for the other. This is what is being portrayed in the movie all along. One can seriously say that the movie talks about being “seriously friendzoned” or we can say “Ek tarfa pyar”.

We can see how complex relationships have become these days as nobody really understands what love actually is. Everyone is busy chasing the one they care for ignoring the one chasing for them. They say that things are complicated and they won’t be able to give love to that person who is ready to die for them. Is it? It leads to broken promises, shattered hearts, and no faith in love.


One needs to understand that some things are not meant to happen and by only wanting them one ends up spoiling that was supposed to. The more I write, the more the review gets complex.

So all in all it’s quite a “too emotional” type of movie many people will relate to.



On the other hand comes Shivaay. 


Shivaay, for that’s his name, lives at the foot of the Himalayas, and his trekking expeditions are legendary. This loose cannon can conquer the steepest mountains without any restraining gear or harness.

Shivaay falls in love with Olga, a Bulgarian woman on one of his treks. They embark on an affair, then maturely agree to end things amicably when she has to return to Bulgaria. But as expected from bollywood, she falls pregnant and doesn’t want the baby. So, resorting to some man’s plaining, Shivaay forces Olga to have the child, despite her repeatedly insisting she has a family to provide for back home and cannot take on more responsibility.

Flash-forward the time by 9 years, and the mountaineer has an 8-year- old daughter, called Gaura by his side. She was born mute, but, inexplicably, hasn’t been taught sign language.


Thanks to an earthquake that throws their home into disarray, thus revealing a telling letter, Shivaay is forced to tell Gaura the truth about her mother and decides to take her to Bulgaria, despite strict instructions from Olga to never make contact.

What follows are scenes lifted straight out of Liam Neeson’s Taken. Sad-faced Shivaay finds himself mixed up in a human-trafficking network after his daughter is kidnapped. So he smashes the crime ring — with the help of an Indian embassy.

All in all Shivaay seems different but certainly isn’t.. And one might get bored in a while! The movie fails to leave you awestruck.

The Comparison and which one should you go for

Finally, if both the movies are to be compared then it solely depends on the type of audience. If you love emotional things, are attached to someone deeply and are seriously friendzoned and want to see your sentiments on a large star scale then go for ADHM…certainly it has better music and Aishwarya is stunning in her part. SRK’s camio is seriously one of the best portions.

On the other hand if you wanna see some action rather than a romantic movie, Shivaay has some stuff for you. With lots of foreign beauties to be seen and beautiful location the movie is a casual watch but do keep lots of patience in pocket or get a company so that you might not get bored.

Our ratings:

ADHM- 3/5 (the music, the drool worthy looks of actors, great acting and the typical grandeur of Karan johar’s film making).

Shivaay- 2.5/5 (For ajay devgan’s acting and good locations)

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