AIB’s Rohan Joshi sending a powerful message against Student Abuse2 min read

AIB’s Rohan Joshi sending a powerful message against Student Abuse2 min read


Check out this powerful message that Rohan joshi conveyed in a series of tweets which every students needs to read.





In a country like India where people love to boast about their management, MBBS and engineering degrees, we often forget about the struggles that we had to go through to become what we are today.

And when we say struggles, we don’t mean the financial struggles or the exam stress that we have to face, also not to mention the daily fights we put up with our parents who disapprove almost every career choice other than a doctor, engineer or a management professional.

An Indian student not only has to fight the backward mindset of our society but also has to suffer in the hands of our faulty and corrupt education system with impractical demands and outdated teaching methods when even the finest institutions of our country resort to these methods for pressurising students instead of providing real and practical education.

As a result of this mounting pressure a student is forced to either adapt to this system or die in its hands. Institutions all over our country are filled with people who discourage and detain students over petty issues like low attendance, slight misbehavior and bad grades just to set out examples for other students, pushing them to a point where the student is compelled to either give up studies or even worse suicide.

It’s high time that we realize that there’s much more to a student than just grades, assignments and attendance, these are just small factors that can only test obedience and not the actual worth of a student.

A student should be nurtured with care and should be helped and guided in the respective fields of their interests.

If any of you is facing any such problem, please share it with your parents and concerned authorities for help, After all education is our right and not a fight.


Student abuse is in no way a tolerable thing! We are the future of the country and we deserve respect for all our choices. From being an entrepreneur to a photographer, WE ALL DESERVE EQUAL ADMIRATION AND RESPECT.