Everything you need to know about Amity Noida before joining it4 min...

Everything you need to know about Amity Noida before joining it4 min read

Source: Amity University


Amity is a private university located in the sector 125 of Noida, on the highway that goes to greater Noida. This also connects it to Delhi and Ghaziabad by road, making it easier for the students to commute daily by their personal vehicles. They also have an option to travel by metros as the nearest metro station, Botanical Garden, is just 4 km away.

Accommodation Facility

However, students except for the localities, prefer staying at the hostel facility provided in the campus. Amity makes sure that all those who need accommodation get one either at one of the six campus hostels or if they get full then at off-campus hostels in sector 44. The hostels are like residential apartments and the rooms are very well furnished. The rooms are available as single or 2/3/4 sharing and you’ve to pay accordingly. First-years aren’t given single rooms no matter what.

AC rooms are also available, which are said to be much better than the non-ac, and are also priced very high, of course. Students find the Amity hostel life quite happening as compared to the other college hostels.

 The famous H Block
The central area of the main block (i.e H-block) is a really great place with franchisees of famous cafes & restaurants like CCD, Dominos, Subway and Dosa Plaza.

There’s also a bookshop where you can buy all the academic as well as non-academic books and there’s a nice stationary shop called P3 as well. All the buildings are centrally air-conditioned and all the facilities that may ever be needed in a college are there.

Another perk that attracts many students are the events where Bollywood’s big stars visit the campus to promote their movies and also many celebrities perform proving yet again that it is one of the biggest and the best private universities in India.

Bowling, car crash, pool are some of the sports activities available in the college. There are also many festivals being organized in the Amity campus, but one main event is the inter-amity sports festival called ‘Sangathan’ which is arranged on the foundation day of the University in the month of September.

Students from all the Amity campuses in India and abroad take part in this event. Each student has to participate in this festival and not doing so can affect their marks.

About Amity Youth Festival
Amity Youth Festival is a 3-day annual festival organized by the Amity University, Noida. Star night is a big part of this festival in which big celebrities, singers, and bands come to the college. Popular food companies also set up their stalls. The fashion show, swings, the battle of bands, etc are some of the other events that take place in the AYF.

Inbush festival
It is a business oriented festival held in the Amity Business School which is filled with top-notch entertainment as well like star-night, food, music, dance, and what not!
Car-racing competition is also occasionally held there. Sounds fun!

Top places to chill around in Amity (Noida)

Sector-37 market
Tea-shop for hazelnut coffee, brownies.
Waffles, chilly potato, pizza, momos.
This market is the best place for a quick bite.

It is a hotspot outside the college for a number of doubts which serve amazing food

Situated in the Center Stage Mall sector 18, this is one of the best nightclubs in Noida.

Great India Palace Mall
These two shopping options of totally different kinds are located opposite to each other. If you are brand conscious then GIP mall is the place for you with its great International brands like Adidas, Reebok etc.

Situated in the Mosaic hotel, sec 18 it has a two-floor bar and a nightclub that gives the feel of an Arctic cavern.

Golf Course
Apart from the golf facilities, this golf course has a restaurant, rummy room, changing room, pool table and its own metro station “Golf course” on the blue line.

You can go to Waves to watch the latest movies!

Gate number 4
Two popular dhabas are outside the gate number 4 of amity university, Noida where you can relish the taste of Punjabi dishes at amazing prices.

Being an Amitian is a matter of pride and when they say “campus dekh na yaar!”, they do include all these amazing things! Also, I’d like to inform that I’ve not included the teaching standards in the article because it generally boils down to the particular course you wanna get in. So for that, I’d like to advise you to get in touch with a senior who’s studying in your course to find out how good the faculty is.

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