5 Apps Every College Students Needs!2 min read

5 Apps Every College Students Needs!2 min read


We know stepping into college can be quite exciting as well as nerve wrecking at the same time.
There’s a lot going on around and a person does need to have some special tools to survive!

So here are some of our suggestions to make your college life easy and convenient with five must have apps: 

1. Delhi Metro App

Most of the Delhi college students use metro as their mode of commutation. This app will guide you about the stations and the routes and how much time is to be taken. Besides that, it also tells the nearest places which are around a particular metro station.

Price: Free


2. CamScanner

We know how it feels to have no assignments and notes which are urgently required. So for that problem, we have this app. It uses phone camera to scan an image and convert it into PDF so that it can easily be shared over a text or mail. Quite helpful!

Price: Free
Available for both IOS and Android


3. Self Control


You are not alone if your phone distracts you 24/7. This app essentially helps you to block certain websites for a desired time to help students concentrate. Umm.. yes it’s a little parent-ish but we all know how important that is!

Price: Free

Available on both IOS and Android.


4. Toshl


To rectify the problem of excessive expenses, we have this app. It helps you to keep a track of all the expenses and help you to save money. And, we do need to keep a check on our party and shopping cravings (leading to huge expenses).

Price: Free

Available on both IOS and Android


5. Any.Do


College is a complicated affair. You have too much on your plate ranging from studies, societies, internships and personal errands. It’s quite obvious that something is bound to get delayed or just slip out of your mind.


Any.do solves this problem. It helps you to make folders and add tasks. You can strike off these tasks when completed. This is an easy way to keep track of all your things.


Available both on IOS and Android.


With these options, we are sure that you’ll have a better college life and yes, POKEMON GO is an essential too!


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