5 Bomb hairstyles & accessories for your college farewell3 min read

5 Bomb hairstyles & accessories for your college farewell3 min read

Source: Cute DIY Projects

Farewell is one of the most awaited event for all, especially for girls! Doesn’t matter if it’s a graduation farewell or a high school farewell, everyone wants to look their best. It’s a challenge for every girl to popup her desi looks and look like THE ULTIMATE QUEEN!

Well! Well! If you really want to stand out amongst the crowd this farewell then you cannot miss reading these easy and 100% effective ideas for sure!


  1. Loose curls.

This hairstyle is apt for almost every outfit and face cut as well. Curl your hair and gently run your fingers through them, you’ll get those amazing soft and beautiful waves in your hair which will give an elegant appeal to your saree look.

  1. Messy bun.

Everyone is crazy about messy buns, it’s the most in-demand hairstyle for this generation. You can get this look either by braiding your hair or curling it up before making a bun and then roll it on any of your sides (left / right) and voila! it is done.You can have a low bun in the center too!

Try this easy yet beautiful messy bun.

  1. Straight hair.

Straight and simple wins the race! If you feel like curls or buns aren’t a thing for you then you can simply straight them up with a straightener.

If you think the style is too simple and very everyday types, grab a small section from around the forehead, gently twist it, and secure on one side using a jeweled bobby pin.

  1. Two in one ponytail.

Many of you might want to tie up your hair to give that decent look but might be facing the problem of having low volume in your hair! Here’s the solution: Make your ponytail fuller by making two ponytails and bringing them together as shown in the picture. Maybe this video could be helpful!

  1. Bobby pins are the best.

If you have wavy hair you can style them, pin them up in many designs just the way you want in an easier manner!


Your jewelry can totally work wonders to your look if chosen correctly! You can try out one of the following options for a look which can win it all!

  1. Afghani jewelry

Afghani jewelry is made up of the vintage pieces which are highly in demand among all age groups. It helps you create an antique look and is fashionable as well. You can easily get it online at AJIO.com or firstcry India.

  1. Jhumkas and handballs.

If you are not a jewelry person you can wear Jhumka or a handball to complete your farewell look. These are known for their elegance and are light weight, are available in almost every market at affordable prices. If you don’t wanna roam around hunting then again, AJIO.com is the best place.

  1. Saree belt

To give your outfit a little unique touch you can always go for a saree belt also known as kamar bandh which is available in ethnic, info western designs everywhere.

4.Bangles and rings
How can you forget to wear bangles to complete your desi look? It can be matching color bangles or the contrast ones or the all-time favorite metallic ones! It’s a mandatory accessory and you can complete the look by wearing them with a ring, huge gothic rings etc. You can try Amazon.com

  1. Hair accessories:

Attractive bobby pins, bun flowers, or any other accessory used in your hair might turn heads at your farewell party!

I hope you rock your farewell party by using the above-mentioned ideas! Here’s a little idea.


I hope that you look like a diva for your farewell, mesmerize everyone with your charm! Tell us about your unique ideas in the comments section below. 🙂

Edits by: Rajni Aishvarya