Answers to all your queries related to admissions (Short Guide)5 min...

Answers to all your queries related to admissions (Short Guide)5 min read


Finally, it is time for admissions and students from various states and cities are rushing in to get admission into the college of their choice. If you’re still worried about something related to the admission issue (or still hesitant about calculating best of four), read this article to get all your problems sorted.

  • Procedure for the calculation of ‘Best Four’ subjects percentage for B. Com. (Honours)/B.Com in DU

One Language from Part 1 of List C1 + three best subjects out of Part 2 of List C1.


 One Language from Part 1 of List C1 + any combination of subjects out of Part 2 of List C1, List C2 or any other subject (not listed either in List C1 or List C2).

In the second case, the deduction of marks from the aggregate percentage of ‘Best Four’ shall be as follows:

  1. For every subject included from List C2, a deduction of one percent in the aggregate percentage of ‘Best Four’
  2. For every other subject (not listed either in List C1 or List C2), a deduction of 2.5% per subject in the aggregate percentage of ‘Best Four’.

Now you must be wondering about the “lists” mentioned above, right? Well, you don’t need to because as we promised, we have it all at one place for you.

LIST C1- There are two parts of this list


PART 1 (Languages)


PART 2 (Subjects)
Business Studies/Commerce


List C2 comprises of the following subjects:

Business Mathematics
Biology/ Biotechnology
Political Science
Home Science
Computer Science/ Informatics Practices
Legal Studies


  • How to choose a college for yourself?

Now once you are done with your best four calculation, it is time to decide which college to go for. We would like to tell you that every college under the University of Delhi is as prestigious as the one you have heard a lot about. There are minor differences in the field of academics, infrastructure, crowd, and extracurricular activities, so you should never leave any opportunity that comes your way. The University is much bigger than the 11 colleges of North Campus and one should always keep that in mind.

The University is much bigger than the 11 colleges of North Campus and one should always keep that in mind.

We, at Campus Drift, have been covering happenings around all the colleges of Delhi University and you can always check them out to choose the best college for yourself on our facebook page.

In order to make this process a lot simpler for you, we have college rankings by India Today which you can read here – and it is not surprising that SRCC tops it when it comes to commerce related courses.

NAAC score is another important criteria which can solve your dilemma when it comes to choosing a good college for yourself.

  • Course vs College

There’s always a confusion of course vs college and it is pretty normal. The best way to tackle this is to first shortlist three to five colleges that you’re eyeing and then reach out to the seniors of your course to find out about the faculty and your department.

While your degree won’t contain your college name, but the faculty will make a huge difference in your learning. Also, if you plan to go abroad for masters, your faculty will play an important role in your application. So you might wanna think long term for that and consult as many seniors as you can.

PRO TIP: Join fb groups (if any) of the commerce departments of the college to search more. Also, before talking to seniors, please make a list of questions that you wanna ask so that you don’t end up asking random questions and waste your and the other person’s time.

Here are some more short points/tips that you may want to keep in mind:

  • (H) are not the only courses in commerce. Don’t hesitate in going for a less popular course if you feel you’re good at the subjects.
  • Along with your full-time degree, you should also plan for part-time courses in your field. There are numerous courses related to accounting, finance management, risk analysis, investment banking etc which will help make your CV more strong. (We’ll be coming up with another post on them, make sure you keep checking our website or like our fb page)
  • If you’re serious about CA/CS/CWA etc, you might wanna consider courses from SOL or any other distance learning university. Let’s admit this, managing CA classes along with college classes is very hectic and you end up falling short on one side.
  • Apart from DU, other good universities providing are Mumbai University, Chirst University Bangalore, Calcutta University and Panjab University.
  • Don’t become lazy after you get admission in that starting cut-off lists, you might get eligible in other better colleges the subsequent list. If you belong to the OBC category, keep checking for lists even after the 5th cut-off list because they keep coming.

Your admission is a pretty serious issue and you should be aware of all the latest updates. While some of you are nervous and others are confident, we are excited to welcome this batch in the university, very soon.

Still have queries? Feel free to bug us on fb/insta or mail us at, we would be happy to help!