When the beats drop down and exams start to haunt!4 min read

When the beats drop down and exams start to haunt!4 min read


Wow! Well, the Delhi University’s fest season of 2016 has definitely given us some of the best memories for the rest of our lives. It feels so special to be a part of this University where we get an extravaganza of awesomeness for a lavish time period of three months!

After an entire month of being modest, well mannered and staying sophisticated at home, when students from all around the country come back to their PG’s, flats and oh sorry I literally forgot the local Delhiite students (just joking, its only for the script!), they can breath-in that air of independence and of course the luxury of extra money which unknowingly, unintentionally got saved in the month of December which they can spend it all in the fests season.

Well, the most important thing to keep in mind is that atleast go through the last years’ papers and for God’s sake atleast read the summaries of your chapters. One minute? What did I start telling you guys? Oh my God!

Where we actually stand?


Oh yes! It is that time of the year when the smart ones  run helplessly from one shop to another for buying their semester books, when the money conscious ones are running to Xerox shops and taking only the important stuff, when the party hoppers start trying to get over their hangovers, when the studious ones have already started with the revision work and when YOU, are still here and reading this and thinking that by the end of reading, you will definitely text your best friend- “Dude, shall we start studying or wait for CIVIL WARS to release?”.

If you fall in that last category, believe me you are definitely the hope for the future of our generation!  (Was that too much? Well, i guess a bit!). Being true, all you have done is that you have reserved your seat for the ultimate catastrophic doom in this semester!

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What inspiration to draw from our DU fests?

Well, after experiencing the madness at Farhan live, the trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Omit Chatham, Dashing Racal, Indian Ocean (Music Band), it is really heart warming to share those experiences with our school friends or even our parents. The fest season should be seen by us as a period wherein we are able to create those special memories which we can use time and again when we are stuck with some boring chapter, nervous nights before the exams, free time, no hope for a certain exam and for many more such occasions. The fest season actually makes us realize that the Delhi University is for sure a perfect amalgamation for all the Indian cultures, traditions, people and more importantly vivid knowledge. We get to see our role models, celebrity crushes, new artists, new friends, and new experiences and on top of all that, beautiful memories and a thought that- “These three years will definitely be the best ones of my life”. All these experiences make you the person you are and you will b in coming future.

Am so sorry, for this one but it was just to bring you guys back from your memories of DU Fest-2016.



What can be done now?

Well these are some of the basic things which you need to do in these remaining two weeks of April:-

  • Start collecting all your books for this semester

  • Make a chart which includes the date sheet, things which you have done, which needs to be done, weaknesses and strengths.


  • Try and change your late night sleeping habits 
  • GO! Kick on with some preparation stuff ASAP!

Well, this was a very short reminder to all you guys that it’s all great to  cherish those lovely memories of Fest-2016 but do not forget why you are here in this prestigious university. It has been a really eventful semester and hope the exams are also worth cherishing for you guys! J

Study well. All the best to everyone and we would come up with more articles which would help you guys in preparations and keeping you calm in those crunch times, right before the exams.

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