The most awesome Dating tips for College Students3 min read

The most awesome Dating tips for College Students3 min read

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sHad a horrible dating experience during your school life?

You must have been making some mistakes that nobody told you about!  Don’t worry and follow these tips to have a dating experience like never before.

[Note: this post is well researched and gender neutral.]

1) Don’t Pre-Assume People or Situations.

That’s a complete ‘no’ to follow. Don’t expect too much too soon or you could end up feeling completely disappointed throughout the whole date. Superman and wonder woman don’t actually exist. Okay?

2) Make a Fabulous First Impression

Mark a point to yourself, your first impression is the expression your date is going to have about you. Dress well, greet well! Don’t be shy and act like yourself.

3) Be Open Minded

What if they didn’t turn out what you thought they were? Be open to changes and feel surprised rather than shocked. Surprises are good, even when it’s not a birthday (just don’t surprise him/her with your stalking skills but!).

4) Don’t be a Robot. Talk.

Don’t let your date talk to lengths. Playing the ‘silently awkward role’ will give the expression that you’re boring or you are not enjoying the date. Counter question him/her, laugh and be playful.

This is not your board exam. Cheer up!

5) Don’t Bring your Exes in the Conversation.

That’s a disastrous thing to do. Nobody would like to go on another date with someone who seems to be ‘stuck up’ in their past. Move on.

6) Insist on Paying the Bill.

Regardless of your gender, insist on paying the bill.

Times have changed, women are self-dependent and like to pay for themselves and guys who pay the bill reflect a gentleman like behavior.

Don’t argue over it. You can always split the bill in half.

7) Be Yourself.

In the end, don’t act like someone else. Be yourself, let them like who ‘you actually are.’ What’s the point of dating anyway?

Cheers. You’ll do it just right.


Don’t have a date? It’s okay too. These apps will make you find your perfect match.

Tinder– It helps people meet each other on the basis of the location they prefer. It is a swiping app, swipe right on the pictures of desirable partners and swipe left to see another one. You can privately chat with people if mutually liked. Big swipe right for this app!

TrulyMadly–  It states to have authentic, verified profiles. You have to verify your profile via Facebook, phone no. etc to get your profile public. It is more questions and compatibility based profile which makes it different from tinder.

Woo– It matches people on the basis of their interest. In order to find your match you have to search for the tags you like, for instance, South Indian food, it will then show you the profiles of people who like South Indian food.

Gear up your socks, to experience the beginning of a new beginning! No more “SINGLE” Saturdays! Happy dating!

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