Best life hacks to help you crack the CAT entrance exam5 min...

Best life hacks to help you crack the CAT entrance exam5 min read

Life hacks to crack CAT 2018

CAT or the Common Aptitude Test is a pretty common name for all of us. While half of us are serious about it, the other half just want to perform it like a ritual. Much like the IIT-JEE entrance, huh? If you belong to the first fifty percent of students, we know that cracking CAT is a must for you.

But how do you it among this cut-throat competition? How do you score an excellent percentile? Well, here are some tried and tested tips to crack the CAT entrance exam:

1. Coaching helps

Well, it might sound cliche to you but this is a fact. Unless you want to drop out (which is not at a bad thing either), you must look for a decent coaching centre. You might be better off on your own but what most of us lack is routine. Going to regular classes will not only keep you on your feet when you see your classmates doing well but will also help to make a proper pattern for you.

Coaching class for CAT entrance

Now, I am aware that most of the CAT entrance exam coaching centres charge a hefty fee but if you really have the calibre to crack the exam, nothing can help you better than them. Look for a centre which has a talented faculty and spend some time on the research. Ask your friends, seniors, cousins etc to make sure that you get the best tuition.

Additionally, you can check out these top 10 coaching centres for CAT preparation.

2. Leave social media and parties

The way to CAT entrance is not an easy one and hence it requires your dedication. While you must have some necessary apps on your mobile, you should uninstall the others. For instance, what good does Instagram do to your CAT preparation? Yes, nothing. You may argue that it is a good stress buster and helps your travelling hours. However, the truth is that it is just a distraction!

Leave social media to prepare for CAT

If you want to crack the exam and get into a good college, you must sacrifice some of your social media. Apart from Whatsapp, you should uninstall all the other applications from your device and dedicate yourself to the cause. Yes, you will have to study while travelling too. The same goes for parties. You can have fun after you crack this CAT entrance and then you have a lifetime to go party.

This lifestyle blog will give you a detailed guide on how to leave social media. Cheggit out.

3. Don’t get into relationships, really

This one doesn’t need explaining. Still, to clear the air, I would like to mention how getting into romantic relationships while preparing for CAT will ruin your chances of cracking it. When you get involved romantically with someone, you actually project all your energy towards them. You want to be in touch with them and this can result in daydreaming while preparing.

Life hacks to prepare for CAT 2018

Another reason is that when you get into relationships, you start ignoring the other areas of your life. I am all for “a good relationship will make you a success” but if are a regular student, chances are that you will be unable to prioritise. Your career should, no, MUST be your priority at this time and the only thing that you should want to date is your books. Period.

4. Write down your motive and carry it in your pocket

You must always know what you want and how to get there. Doing this will ensure an unflinching dedication to the cause. You must always carry a piece of paper with your goal of clearing the CAT entrance exam written on it. You can also write a line or two about your vision and the causes.

Write down your goal
Source – Virtues for life

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to prioritise, this piece of paper will tell you what exactly you’re here for. So, go and keep this life-saver in your pocket. Right now.

This blog will help you understand the value of a clear vision. Read through it, make your mind and if you choose to stick with cracking CAT, place the piece of paper with your vision written on it in your pocket.

5. Study for more than 8 hours a day

Yeah. That’s right. No matter your IQ, you will need to study for more than 8 hours every day. Dedicating this much time to CAT preparation will ensure a positive result. It might sound impossible right now but if you look around yourself, you will find a heap of people preparing for the same entrance exam. What will separate you from them? This study time is the answer.

Study hard to crack CAT 2018
Source – Faculty Hack

A person will have to study for more than eight hours in a day in order to score a decent percentile. You will have to limit your “me time” and “essential time” to two hours and give up on long steamy showers. However, you must find some ways to rejuvenate yourself. Jogging, exercising and listening to music for half an hour can work well for you. Check out this piece of writing for 7 Practical Steps to Study Long Hours Without Getting Tired or Sleepy.

So, these are the tips which will help you score a respectable percentile. On the top of all this, I would just like to urge you to appear for CAT if you are serious about it. Don’t do it like a duty, do it with passion.

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