Best Things About College Life – General Opinions3 min read

Best Things About College Life – General Opinions3 min read


Question: What are/were the best things about your college life?

Nikita Jain

everything about college is great and worth remembering. Endless fun, craziest friends and college campus. I loved everything about college. Words are too short to describe the incredible college life. The best time! indeed!

Shubhangi Maheshwari


For me the best thing about college life was the varied kind of experiences I had as a result of staying away from home and independently. College years are the best time to explore oneself, to delve deep into one’s own passions and creativity. The same happened with me during my college life and it is these explorations and experiences that have shaped me as a different person than who I thought I was and hence given my life an altogether new direction. During school, we restrict ourselves, thinking that doing well in studies and a excelling a few extra curricular activities is the most we can do with ourselves. College years were the time when life happened and I found out that there was more to me as a person. I know life doesn’t end here and I know there is a lot more to learn from in the real world after college. But in a way, college life has made me face myself from a point where I could have a glimpse at my own strengths, weaknesses, limitations and the courage and integrity to go beyond those limitations. Teachers and friends at college are not the same as those in school. However bitter it may seem but the fact remains that the joys of school life, the love, the emotions, bonds and attachments do not remain as pure because everybody has got their own life to prioritize. Teachers are no more concerned about your shoes being dirty or your hair not being combed. And friends won’t stay awake to talk to you throughout a dark night that you might be going through because their boyfriend/girlfriend would be waiting. These are facts that don’t change albeit our non acceptance or pretense of “Oh, my college is so cool!” But this, exactly this is the best thing about these growing years of college life. They make one strong as a person and that is what college did for me. It made me maturer, increased my understanding of life and its ways and yet encouraged me to keep choosing my goodness over whatever others did to me. So yes, “Hey, College was great! :)”

Priyanka Kapoor

It was fine even if we reached for a 9:00 lecture by 11:00 in morning. It was fine even to score good marks while still bunking most of the classes. It was fine even if you had a brawl with a friend, you always made it up over drinks It was fine to organize events and do shit you never though possible, and It was fine to not worry about the future and go with the flow for once.