Bihar University goofed up recently and we so wish it could happen...

Bihar University goofed up recently and we so wish it could happen with our university!2 min read


Bihar, was in news, again not for very good reasons. The university on 12th April came under scrutiny, as it forgot to print the question papers for the post graduate students appearing for their Hindi exams. 94 students of the Tilkha Manjhi Bhagalpur University returned home without giving their exam. Just so you know, we get SURPRISE papers here in Delhi! Lucky people.

But coming to the serious point, the schedule for the exams was decided in March itself. The Vice Chancellor of the university gave a show-cause notice to the controller of the examination and head of the Hindi department. Responding to the notice, the examiner claimed to have never received the papers for printing. The Hindi department head blamed the Choice-Based-Credit-System (CBCS). The HOD said the printing process couldn’t be conducted, as students of the university were given the choice between various subjects; therefore, he didn’t know who all were giving the exam.

How would the blame game really matter when the university has goofed up with the career of its students? The exam was then postponed to 22nd April 2017. The university was earlier accused with a shortage of answer booklets leading to the exams getting postponed almost by a year.

The activities which took place in the state in the past 2 years have left a question mark on the country’s education system. Why wouldn’t a child dream of Howard or Cambridge with such atmosphere in the education system?

The visuals of students cheating in their examinations are unforgettable. Adding to the state’s misery, a year later, came the news of a political science topper who called the subject, “prodigal science”. The massive question paper leak drama in February lead to the arrest of an IAS officer and BSSC secretary. All the incidences have added-up well to the sullied reputation of Bihar.

Why is the university not being targeted for the blunder it caused? Why hasn’t Nitish Kumar sacked the people involved in this mess?

It’s high time, we speak about the education system of the country, which is currently filled with flaws. Indeed, the parameters on which basis a student’s calibre is tested is scary. There are schools which till date follow the rote-learning system. Students loathe heavy texts, which are emphasised upon in India. The prevailing conditions along with corruption in the education sector would lead to consequences destroying the careers of many and the ones in administration can’t seem to care less.

Coming back to what we want. We just want our examiners, for a change, to forget about our exams or check them as leniently as possible. Why this discrimination?!

What is your take on this news? Let us know. 🙂