Boy gang raped inside BHU campus, attempts suicide due to pressure2 min...

Boy gang raped inside BHU campus, attempts suicide due to pressure2 min read


In an incident that took place in the Banaras Hindu university, A 19 year old first year student, Animesh (name changed) was allegedly abducted and gang raped.

According to reports, Animesh’s sister in law was admitted to BHU’s Sir Sunderlal Hospital. On 13th August Animesh went to collect her reports from the microbiology department but was asked to come in the evening by the attendant Deepak.

When Animesh again went in the evening he was forced inside a van with the campus logo by a man along with 4 other accomplices, after which he was forced to drink liquor and all the attackers took turns to rape him inside the van which they constantly moved inside the BHU campus but weren’t intercepted by the campus security.

After the rape Animesh was thrown from the van onto the university grounds. Animesh immediately dialled 100 after the incident and filed a written complaint as well. But yet it took 4 days for the police to reach him.

And on top of that he was asked to hush up the matter by the university administration and forced to go through a second medical test even after the initial reports confirmed rape.

Animesh’s family also alleges to have received threats from the attackers after he filed the complaint and refused to take it back.

The chief proctor of BHU, Satyendra Kumar Singh acknowledged the incident, but blamed the police for delaying the investigation. There’s a state of terror inside the BHU campus after this incident as no student feels safe inside the campus anymore.

The incident shook up the entire city of Varanasi and Animesh who’s mental condition has deteriorated as reported by his mother. Animesh has even tried to commit suicide after being under immense pressure from both college authorities and the local police.

The Indian society has a unique way of its own of viewing crime. The society that demands gender equality so desperately is equally biased and sticks to old perceptions when it comes to addressing crime against men.

It’s an issue that is rarely addressed but needs our attention because crime is not limited to a particular age, gender, caste, race or the order of nature. It can happen to anybody at any point of time and has the same mental and physical effect on each of its victims, their families and the general public as well. They suffer from fear, shock and anxiety and become extremely vulnerable.

And we as members of the same society instead of making them feel safe, start cutting them off completely.

Gender biasness shouldn’t become a factor of viewing or classifying crime anymore. We as responsible citizens have a duty towards these victims and we are the only ones who can help break the silence.