(This is for all the nerds out there who just can’t stop themselves from sniffing books, because that is the kind of dedication that I’m talking about).

If you are one of those people who have this itch in their brain when they haven’t read anything stimulating for a while, and are confused about which book to pick up (and which to not, because no matter how much we want our favourite writers to be perfect all the time, they sometimes aren’t *painful sigh*) don’t worry I’m here to save you.

Here are the two books that I’ve read and what I thought about them (without spoilers!).

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver


I’m not gonna lie, she is one of my favorite authors and it’s hard to pick out faults because it is just really hard! This book fortunately doesn’t need me to torture myself because it was pure hook-line-sinker. If you love a little thrill with a sideline romance and a healthy dose of macabre, this is the book to pick!

I know guys usually are a little skeptical to pick up a female protagonist book (or maybe I’ve just met the wrong kind), but don’t worry; although I won’t say it does not have the girly factor, I will say that the overall view of it is more of a friendship that goes beyond imperfections and embraces the demons that lurks in each of the girls.

Sam or Samantha is basically a part of the cliché ‘Mean Girl’ tribe, with a popular boyfriend and the rebellious behavior on point. The book opens with a scene describing her death but by the next chapter it is clear that she is stuck in a gruesome cycle of reliving the day she died i.e. The Groundhog Day. The setting is typical, but it will capture you by its straightforwardness. You won’t be able to help going through the rollercoaster of emotions with Sam as she deals with the grief of her own death, which is kind of unusual. You will love and hate the characters and eventually forgive them.

The climax will stun you, I know I was utterly bewildered by it. What I will tell you (without spoiling your fun) is that each day you relive with Sam will be a discovery of something that you too will imbue into yourself with her, there is a subtle yet powerful message of living your life to the fullest that underlines the whole story.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.


Another book that is centered around women, but one our male counterparts might not feel very skeptical about picking up, after all it is a psychological thriller! For people who are fascinated by the confusing way our minds work (like me) this is a gold mine. I’m not kidding, the book starts off slow but catches a tell-tale drama which then gets entangled into a beautifully well written narrative.

No matter which woman you read about- Rachel, Megan or Anna- they all tend to capture our attention, unlike in other POV(Point Of View) books in which we tend to have favourites.

They all manifest a certain side to them that we can’t help but like, seemingly weak willed and a little pathetic (I’m sorry, but they do irritate me at times) they rise from that to become rather headstrong women.

What essentially throws us off our mark is the ending, like all the amazing mystery novels have. I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun by telling you what it was but, the way Anna rises from her simple mindedness to a shrewd cunning is something that will leave you gaping. *Cheshire Smile*

If there was ever a book that makes you think for a whole hour more about the plot twists and secret hints littered around, this is one of them; and maybe this is just my obsession with psychological novels that is talking, but this is one of those books that should not be missed!

So, these are the two books I have reviewed for all of you, and I hope you all are jumping out of your seats to grab them because, frankly, these two books are absolutely worth it!

Wait! Before you leave I have an extra treat for you! For all of you who love to read a little scary story to give you the heebie-jeebies, here is a little link to a short story I recently read that left me a little twitchy. It is about two girls who live next to the room where quite a few people committed suicide and are left at their wits end when the activities tend to not exactly stay in the room it is supposed to. Maybe I’m just a scary cat, but this scared me okay. I would love to know your opinion though! Do keep in mind that you don’t infringe upon the authors work. It’s not nice *warning glare*

Here’s the link-


3P.S. If you would like me to review a book for you just mention it in the comments below. But keep in mind that it is not a series and is fiction. Also if you have a cool short story you read somewhere put in the link below, if I like it I’ll share it giving you the credit.