BUNK PAGES – Kyuki Notebooks ab Boring Nahi!2 min read

BUNK PAGES – Kyuki Notebooks ab Boring Nahi!2 min read


The name clicks? Well it has to as the two most important things of a student’s life are there!

On a serious (not so serious) note now, Bunk Pages is a new form of notebook, designed by its creators as ‘A Social Notebook’. Kyuki social networks toh sab karte hain, social notebook krke toh dekho! It started with the creators doodling and realizing that a boring old notebook could be made into a much more exciting, educational, socially awakening platform. It is a way of allowing students to express their ideas without censoring (kyuki hum samajhte hain) while also spreading social awareness.


It acts as a magazine-cum-notebook, providing a platform for both socially awakening articles and exciting offers. Acting as a platform for advertising as well, it claims, “Advertising helps educating people, Let’s Do It Together in a Better Way”. It is a platform for youth to raise their voice and go beyond society’s stereotypical notions.


Not only this amigos, it contains articles by students on various issues, aiming for maximum exposure by using the Notebook- the essential in every student’s life. They aim at changing the Notebook, by making it into a device for not only studying but also spreading social awareness and advertising in a way to have maximum exposure.

You can get some REALLY COOL discounts as well! What’s more? Well, games. And who doesn’t love games? Sit in that boring lecture and play in your Bunk Pages notebook while dodging out that boring gyaan and getting the attendance at the same time. 😛


The website also has a blog full of articles which addresses various social problems. The thought process is simple that if a notebook consumes so much of a child’s life, it should be interesting but also enriching so that these students can turn into socially aware and responsible adults.

These notebooks are available for subscription in Delhi/NCR and available at major stationary stores around campus areas. We know that you are convinced enough to try them out now! 😉