How to calculate the best four for DU admissions?2 min read

How to calculate the best four for DU admissions?2 min read

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Have you recently passed the twelfth standard and want to be a part of Delhi University? The most strenuous and confusing part about DU admissions is the calculation of best four where students get messed up. Here is a complete and simplified information that will assist you calculating your best four.

The Applicants who are interested in BA honours course have to include the subject in which the admission is sought, one language is compulsory (core/elective/functional) and any two academic/elective subjects. Failing to do so will lead to deduction of 2.5%.

By academic/elective subjects means the subjects must have 70 marks of theory. All the subject in the List A are academic/elective subjects.

List A

Physics Arabic Commerce Bengali English
Botany Chemistry Comp. Sci Economics Geology
Hindi History Home Science Mathematics Philosophy
Psychology Sociology Zoology Political Science Geography
German Spanish Italian Persian Statistics
Punjabi Urdu French Biotechnology

If the applicant doesn’t include the subject from List A he will be imposed deduction of 2.5% from the best four calculated.

Physical education and Music will not be included in your best four unless you are pursuing a degree in this particular field.

In all the Science courses, admissions are sought on the best three basis that are your three main/core subjects excluding the language. For Biology courses they include PCB/Biotech (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and for non biology PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Maths).

For admissions in BA programme and Bcom programme the best of four should include one language and any three elective subjects. Change in stream causes deduction of 5% from the best four calculated.


Change in stream also causes deduction of 2.5% of your best four calculated.

For example:-

If you score:

Accounts- 90, business studies- 92, Economics- 91, English- 95. You have 92% and you want to go for BA hons English hons which has a cutoff 92%, you are not eligible because there will be imposed deduction of 2.5% due to the change in stream. Hence your effective score becomes 89.5%.

For admissions in any Language courses deduction of 5% will be imposed if you haven’t had that language as an elective subject in your +2.

Hope this was helpful to you. Also checkout the UG courses that are conducting an entrance in 2016. For any queries comment below. Good luck 🙂


  1. I have scored 74.8% in best of five and best of four is 74.8% and I want ro take admission in .any chance of my asmission in DU

  2. i have scored in biology 96 (66 30) english 95 physics 75 (45 29) chemistry 92 (62 30) physical edu 82 (52 30) hindi 92
    and i want to change stream from science to music and i have not music as subject what will be my best four % after deduction .

    • Hi. This mostly depends on the college, every college has different deduction numbers. It’ll be best if you refer to the particular college’s cut-off list.