How to cancel admission in DU? Step by Step1 min read

How to cancel admission in DU? Step by Step1 min read

how to cancel admission in du

It often happens that students secure a seat of their choice in the second cutoff. So here arises a situation of cancellation of seat in the first college and opt for the college and course of their choice. Since enrollment at two different places and two different courses is not allowed, the student has to withdraw his/her admission from the first college they got into. Confused about how to do it? Don’t be!


Follow these steps, in case you need to cancel your admission:-


*Write an application to the college you have already enrolled mentioning that you want to cancel/ withdraw your admission from the respective college.


*In your application, make that sure you mention the certificates you have submitted.


*Fill the cancellation form provided by the college authorities and submit it.


*The amount deposited will be refunded to your account within 15 days of the cancellation. Collect your documents and recheck them as well.


*Get yourself enrolled in the college you wish by the previous procedure.


Before all this, make sure that the college that you wish for has enough seats in the particular course and the most important thing that you clear the cutoff. Because once you are withdrawn, the seat in the same college cannot be reissued unless you qualify the cutoff. Do a good deal of research before you cancel your admission.


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