Amazing Careers after B.COM That You Never Thought You Could Take Up3...

Amazing Careers after B.COM That You Never Thought You Could Take Up3 min read

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The time to plan your graduation party has arrived, it’s time to celebrate the efforts that you have put in during the last three or four years of college.

It is the time to part from your best buddies to whom you have promised to be with throughout the thick and thin of your life.

Also it is the time to move a step ahead  and decide about future career prospects, now that the good days of college are going to become cherished memories.

Have you decided where you are going to steer your boat?

After becoming a graduate, one is sensible enough to decide about the career he/she wants to fit into. But if you still haven’t, the following shall help you provide a just about the options you have before you after becoming a graduate in commerce.

These are the five most probable career options that one opts for: 

  1. Chartered Financial Accountant (CFA):CFA logo



Almost every commerce student must’ve heard about CA in his/her lifetime at least once. But, CFA is also a fast growing career option for a lot of bright minds out there.

With the business industry growing rapidly in India, the demands for good financial officers is certainly going to rise and you can munch a high paying satisfying job by doing CFA.

For more info: CFA INSTITUTE

2. Investment Banking:

investment banking as a career option

Investment Banking is another finance and accounts associated work. It is not very popular amongst people but those who are doing it are making high end money.

There’s no specific degree for investment banking but if you are good at numbers and if you’ve performed exceptionally well in academics then you can go for some specific short-term courses for investment banking  and this would surely turn the tables around.  😛

  1. Big Data Analyst


With internet kicking into our lives, everything has shifted only. Thus, all business are now pools of data of user behavior, trends and god knows what more.

As a result almost every company now makes it decisions (from HR to Marketing) based on data and data patterns. That’s where big data analytics comes in, it’s the process of studying data and finding usable patterns in it which helps the business to make smart decisions. This is something new in the career options because it never existed a decade ago.

However, the demand for big data analysts is growing multiple folds now and with more tech coming in the future, it’ll continue to grow. So, if you are tilted towards numbers, you must try this one. You’ll find related courses here and here.

  1. Lawyer:

LLB is a course which has again started to attract young mind. Law seems interesting to commerce students as never before, the demand for corporate lawyers backs their decision.

A developing economy needs a judicial system to grow parallel with it, and that is where the demand for new advocates, more over judges arise. It may not offer big packages in initial years, but it flourishes as one gains experience.


The number of commerce students getting enrolled in civil services has been on a rise since last five years or so. UPSC examination is considered the toughest and the most prestigious examination conducted in India.

Hence to face this challenge that gives a chance to get the most eminent designations offered by Indian Government a comprehensive look throughout the syllabus is essential, especially for those candidates who are going to appear for UPSC exams or IAS for the first time.

The exam is divided into three phases:

  1. Preliminary (objective)
  2. Main Examination (subjective)
  3. Interview

With these options, we hope that we have served you with the best possible prospects.

If you know about some other options, let us and your fellow students know about them in the comment section below! Also, help a friend by sharing this with him/her 🙂