How You Should Choose Between Course and College2 min read

How You Should Choose Between Course and College2 min read


As the most esteemed and crucial part of every student’s life that is their schooling ends, they are required to take a stepping stone towards the dreams and aspirations they wish to achieve.

This stepping stone involves taking and embracing a lot of decisions which will play a very significant role in their lives.

The power of decision making solely lies in the hands of the student. To be able to make reasonable decisions they need a perfect guide to show them the true sides of the coin.

They should also make a pros and cons list to be able to see the true picture. It is also the time of the year again when every social interaction starts with “ Aage kya karna hai beta?”, “College kaunsa mila?” and the most cliché “Kitne marks aaye?”

Since the cutoff lists will soon be making all the aspiring teens worried, to cope up with such stress it is important to make the decision very wisely. 

For some, this a crisp shade of either black or white, just because they have an advantage of better scores. But for most of the students it is just a shade of grey. When completely certain about the area of study you want to pursue, course over college should be considered.

The top priority should be the subject which interests you the most rather than choosing a course just to see a fancy campus everyday. On the other hand if unsure about the field of study, choosing a widely recognized College should be a smart move.

As a prestigious College is the hub of opportunities of over all development in academics as well as extra curricular activities. It also offers an added advantage of a good placement cell, with firms knocking on the door of the institution.

Students now a days are well informed about the career choices they have to make and choose the path to success.

Hence there isn’t one definite solution to the dilemma of course v/s college and it is for the students to decide what matters the most. With both the roads we given you, now you have the freedom to choose the navigation system.

But whatever you do, make sure that it makes you happy and content, for these choices will DEFINITELY affect your future.

All the best folks, do good and if you need any help, feel free to look us up here!