CMAT 2018 Scam – what is all the fuss about?3 min read

CMAT 2018 Scam – what is all the fuss about?3 min read

CMAT 2018 scam

Well, 2018 has not even started yet and the students have had to face yet another scam in the field of competitive examinations. Before we go into the details of it first let me give you a brief introduction of what CMAT is!

Common Management Admission Test or CMAT is an online computer-based test conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), India. It is a national-level admission test for facilitating institutions to select suitable students for admission in all management programmes approved by AICTE. The first edition of CMAT was conducted in 2012. By 2011, there were a number of entrance exams for management programmes in India. These included CATJMET, XAT, Gitam SAT, NMAT, SNAP, MAT, state-specific exams, exams conducted by management associations of MBA institutes and exams conducted by private colleges. AICTE launched CMAT to reduce the burden (physical, mental and financial stress) of students in attending to multiple examinations.

Till 2015, CMAT was held twice in a year but last year the practice was abolished as AICTE decided to hold the exam once a year on the third Sunday of January.

Some of leading Business Schools have decided to keep out from CMAT, the reason given was “late announcement” by AICTE. But still, quite a number of colleges accept their score.

The 2018 merit list of the examination which came out just a few days back has sent shockwaves across the entire nation. Out of the top 24 scorers of CMAT 2018, 17 of them appeared for the exam from the exact same centre. Among the top nine students, seven are from this one particular centre. The following Pie-Chart shows the stats clearly.

CMAT 2018 pie chart result

The exam was held in 75 cities at 177 centres this year. And more than 70 percent of the toppers just miraculously ended up taking the exam at ONE of those 177 centres – in Gurugram’s DPG Institute of Technology and Management which is being talked about above.

CMAT 2018 Merit list

Now, one can clearly see that the highlighted students are from the exact same centre since their roll numbers start with the same initials. Now there wouldn’t have been such controversy over it had this been a pattern from the previous years but by looking at the previous year’s stats we will see that the top 20 CMAT scorers were from 14 different cities and 19 different centres. In 2016, and 2015 too, roll numbers had varied, indicating that the toppers were from various exam centres across the country.

But this year not only are they from the same state/city but surprisingly they are from the same centre as well.

CMAT 2018 scam facebook page

Now clearly the students who appeared for the exam are extremely angry. They’re calling, emailing, writing status updates, posting videos and tweeting to the authorities, demanding a response. They’ve even set up a Facebook page ‘CMAT 2018 SCAM’, hoping to be heard.

Now, what is the response of the AICTE?

The AICTE, so far, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing or foul play without even conducting an Investigation by either checking the CCTV camera footage if there is any or by setting up a panel to undertake a proper investigation.

“Those who answered correctly have done well. If someone else has gone to the same coaching and they know all the answers, how would I know? There has been strict invigilation at all the centres. We have camera recordings of the same.”

These are the words of Anil Sahasrabudhe- The AICTE Chairman.

AICTE chairman

Now obviously anyone with a bit of common sense can look at it and point out the scam blindly. Obviously, since thousands of students are being affected by this the AICTE needs to come clean. There needs to be a proper investigation into the matter and in case any wrongdoing comes forward the AICTE needs to take proper action against the respective authorities.

Either way, the students deserve to be heard and either way, a re-examination is what seems to be the possible solution. Let’s wait and see the actions that the AICTE will now take!

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