Against the flow – ComHub, commerce society of Dyal singh (Eve) college.5...

Against the flow – ComHub, commerce society of Dyal singh (Eve) college.5 min read

ComHub - The commerce society of Dyal Singh Eve college

Ever wondered what is it like to be an off campus college’s student in DU?

Well, all we can tell you is that it isn’t easy. Now, think about being an off campus evening college’s student and the struggle you have to go through while forming an official society of your department. Sounds challenging?

Here is what Dyal Singh evening’s Commerce society – Comhub has to say about it. Read on to know more:

Question– How would you describe the commerce society of your college “COMHUB” in one line?

 Answer– A platform for Achieving Greatness and  excellence .

Question-  Tell us about the origin of the idea of forming the society.

Answer- The idea of forming a Commerce Society initiated in the minds of Ayush Gupta and Darpan Kohli. When they got to know that the college was not having a commerce society, they dreamt to have one, to form one. They were fortunate enough to have a senior like Sujan Singh, who supported them in the formation of the society.

It all started one and a half year back, when we used to hear about the departmental fests of various colleges of Delhi University. It was the time of January that the idea of having a commerce society was given by these 3 students to other commerce students. Slowly and gradually we had a team, a commerce team.

After working unofficially for a half year, the unofficial team decided to have an official status and a society. After we executed social cause initiative “Helping hands are better than praying lips”, in the month of January, with the help of the commerce teachers, we finally formed the Commerce Society of Dyal Singh Evening College – Comhub.

Question- What motivated you to further shape your idea into tangible terms rather than just abstract?

Answer- Though we had the idea of forming a Commerce Society, but now we actually had to do it. So for this the Founder Members, i.e, Ayush, Darpan and Sujan started looking for those students who had the same passion and will to form a society.

When we finally had a team of 10-11 members, it was the time of summer vacation, when all of us usually had meetings and started to think on execution. Then we had an idea of conducting seminars, workshops and events related to commerce in the college. When the college reopened, we were ready with our two enlightening seminars, one Stock Market and another Career Orientation.

Looking at our efforts, hard work and dedication, we were finally termed as the official Commerce Society – Comhub. It was the spirit of fulfilling the dream and the seniors were the only motivation which helped us forming the society.

Question- Why has it been named so? What has been the thought behind its name?

Answer- ComHub, this name was actually selected by our team members as it signifies the importance of a team. COM in Comhub represents Commerce and HUB represents the effective centre of an activity or a network.
Together it meant the centre of commerce or you can say a group of core people working for commerce. 

Question – What difficulties did you face? At any point of time, did these barriers make you doubt the feasibility of your idea?

Answer- Though we were ready with our aim, we faced a lot of problems and hurdles during the formation of Comhub.
a) We were looking for students who were full of enthusiasm, motivation and passionate towards work. This search was a time-consuming.
b)  Prior to the formation of COMHUB, the Core members were actually worried about the fact that whether or not their efforts and hard work would get recognized and the team would get an official status. But “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” This quote perfectly symbolizes the journey of unofficial commerce team to Official Comhub.
Nevertheless we faced these problems and achieved what we aimed for.

Question – Where do you see this society in the next 4-5 years?

Answer-As we answered the first question- Achieving Greatness and Beyond. Goal is to improve day by day. So whatever we did in 2015-16 session, everything has to be done in much better way in 2016-17.

In the next 4-5 years, we see Comhub as a team of more skilled and intellectual students, organising better events, seminars and other workshops. When we say better we mean in terms of Quality of events and the Level in terms of events that were conducted. Most importantly, the Commerce Carnival Of Dyal Singh Eve College – COMFIESTA to be a grand success. We dream that every student in DU waits for this Carnival. In all, the aim is to simply make Comhub one of the best, if not the best brand in respect to Societal Department in India.

Question- Having formed the society, how do you feel now?

Answer-  We feel proud that we have created a platform from where many of the students of commerce department in our college are going to get opportunities and are hence going to create opportunities for various other students.

Question- Tell us something about the national conference which is going to be held.

Answer- National conference is an event to be sponsored by UGC. This is the first time that our college is going to organise such a mega event. The topic is “Emerging and contemporary in finance.”  Many scholars, professors, industry professionals are going to present their research works.
Comhub along with the teachers of the department are working very hard to make the event a great success.

Question- What are the targets of the society to be achieved in the near future?

Answer– Comhub had to be made as a brand. Being an off campus college we didn’t inherit the name and fame rather we will be working really very hard to build up the goodwill of our society Comhub as well as of our college.

All we can say to this enthusiastic bunch of young minds is that we are glad to see them coming so far! And we are sure they will rise even higher as they have surely proved that where there is a will, there is a way.

What are your thoughts about their achievements? Tell us in the comments below!