Hello‼ How have you all been? Some are already fed up of these vacations, some are cherishing the luxury of good food at home (trust me, even they are just cherishing the food nothing else).

A lot of us have incidentally by now saved a handsome amount of money as exams are already over, need to sit all day at home so unfortunately, yes, unfortunately all of us have got that additional perk to sit back and order few more add-ons for our wardrobe.

Anyhow, soon vacations would be over bringing along with it a gush of parties during college hours, excuse of studying for a night stay at friend’s flat and many more things. Hey? But don’t you feel we have been missing out on something?

Oh yes! Fashion bro, fashion!

How can we just start of another semester without updating our wardrobe and guys, it is rightly said “your style meter is measured by your shoes.”
All right, first things first! A rapid fire question session
  1. What is the first thing you think of when you dress up?

Shoes b) Shirt matching Shoes c) dress matching heels d.) your crush praising you

  1. What is the first thing you take off after returning home from a party?

Shoes b) fake smile c) fake nails d) your partner’s….well, I should omit this point.

  1. According to you, what do people notice at first when you reach a party?

Pimple b) eyes c) shoes and sandals d) Beard/eyebrows

Well, the answers are quite obvious and for most of us answer would be

ANSWERS- crush praising us, fake smile and Pimple“s”

But today, let us talk about the normal human being response that definitely will be SHOES/HEELS for all of the above questions.

Well, if shoes are so important for our dressing and personality then why not invest some of our pocket money for shoes which we want? Designs of our choice? Don’t we wish to wear shoes as per our mood, theme of the party or just casual every day college-wear.

So I came up with a perfect site, for you guys wherein we can find shoes which perfectly suits us. The perfect mix of price and quality i.e. !!! CHECK IT OUT!

 Here are a few designs to check out!

1.     Spongebob lovers? CHECK!

What on earth can be more stylish, cute and innocent than this? Nothing.

Here I am! Click me.

2.     Shoes for odd one out feel day? CHECK

Just one look at these trendy designs and you will be the STAR of the night.

Here I am! Click me.

3.     Anyone BIG BANG THEORY’s fan?

“Kyuki fandom ki koi seema nhi hoti.” From BBT to Avengers, they have it all!


4.     Barcelona fans ? (Including me!)

There is only one thing you can love more than football, Emma Watson. But since you can’t have her, go with these!

Here I am! Click me.

5.     And many more!

You thought the collection ended here? Well, my friend we have more. AND a lot more! For the foodies.

Here I am! Click me.


Here I am! Click me.

For the abstract thinkers!

Hope you guys like the designs over here and anyhow, a hello to all our new readers and the to-be Fresher. We will be posting a lot of stuff related to entrances for DU, IP and other colleges of Delhi, keep a track of all new articles.

“Logo ko batayein or cool ban jayein!”

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Enjoy Holidays!