CRACK OF DAWN1 min read

CRACK OF DAWN1 min read



The brassy silence pervading all around,

Devoid of the cheery erstwhile sounds

Oh, where have the euphoric chuckles lost,

The old days are gone alas!


The solitary blankets of solitude

Slyly surround the fervent multitudes.

At the rear they dwindle and depart,

those dazzling moments of cherubic concord.


Solitarily, I do not prance,

On these forlorn paths of solemn endurance,

Escorting me on these lonely paces

Is my grave, grim loneliness


But on these barren solitary roads

In the rear where the quaint recollections corrode,

There still glimmers a hazy poise

That someday again these deserted trails

may sparkle with shimmering sprinkles of delight.


And once again they would surround

Those lost cheery erstwhile sounds.

The abandoned elations would pleasurably reinstate,

But till then stands a prolonged, desperate wait.


by Divyani Jain