Cricketers don’t deserve biopics, says Gautam Gambhir. What do you think?2 min...

Cricketers don’t deserve biopics, says Gautam Gambhir. What do you think?2 min read


Recently, Gautam Gambhir posted a comment claiming that cricketers do not deserve biopics to be made on them and that there are many other remarkable people much more deserving of biopics. Incidentally, this came in light of the biopic on MS Dhoni, and we all know how incidental it might be!

Now, personally, I am not a crazy cricket fan, and even if I were, I would have no legit authority to comment on whether what Gambhir said was right or wrong, or whether or not Dhoni deserves a biopic. However, I would like to express my views on the recent rise in this trend.

Bollywood is going bonkers over biopics: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Neerja, Azhar, Hawaizaada, and Aligarh, to name a few. It’s not just cricketers who are the flavour of the season, not even just sportspersons for that matter. Scientists, actors, social servants; Jeez! even criminals have had biopics made on them (cue “Main Aur Charles”).  Many more are up for release in the coming months. The trend is on fire!

source- blogtobollywood
source- blogtobollywood

While anyone who is delighting in the fortune (and the fortunes, in some cases) of having a full-length movie made on their lives, it is also imperative to consider first, whose story is truly worthy of being shown to the world, and whose is not. What is also important is the timing of release of the movie. When you start making biopics without considering these factors, just to cash in on the rising trend, is when they start losing their charm and greatness.

A theme, in a country which worships heroes, even more so when Bollywood tells them to, needs to be handled delicately. Biopics should be made for those who are legendary, those whose greatness needs to be communicated to the world and for those who have proved their mettle. Also, making movies on people when they are still in their prime, robs them of the privilege of their future achievements to be portrayed and immortalized through the movie. You are not going to make two movies on the same person, if he achieves more greatness in the future.

The ultimate fact of the matter: Stop and think before you go ahead and decide to make a biopic on anyone. Maybe their time is not here yet, or maybe their time is never meant to come.

What is your take on it guys? Let us know in the comments section below.