You Dare Say It to a Ranveer Singh Fan!3 min read

You Dare Say It to a Ranveer Singh Fan!3 min read


Ranveer Singh, the pleasure to the eyes, the ultimate male specimen. The one and only Ranveer Singh, who leaves us awestruck with his wit and humor. Dare Say It to a Ranveer Singh Fan

Most of us love him, but there are few who hate him regardless of what he does or says. Well, I guess when you are famous, you have many fans and some haters too. And there is always a constant fight between these two. Dare Say It to a Ranveer Singh Fan

But here are few things you should NEVER- EVER say to a Ranveer Singh fan if you don’t want to be killed with the dagger of his  words (and actions, you never know bro). Have a look:

  1. Ranveer Singh is a photocopy of Arjun Kapoor

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No, no, no, Ranveer and Arjun do not look alike.  They both are best friends, but that doesn’t mean Ranveer is trying to copy Arjun.  And if you think they do, I think you need a pair of glasses. They both are two different persons with different faces and distinctive personalities.

  1. He is an attention seeker.

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Really??? Like seriously.  Well, it’s not his fault, he is a charismatic person with a magnetic personality. He knows how to keep the people entertained using his wit and sense of humor.

  1. He has a disgusting dressing style.dressing style

Never ever, even in your dreams say this to a Ranveer’s fan even if you think it is true. Because Ranveer Singh is a “TREND SETTER” and he has enough guts to experiment with his style. No matter what he wears, it will automatically suit him because of his dynamic personality.

  1. He always plays the same kind of roles.

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Do you even know who Ranveer Singh is??? The one who played the role of street smart boy in Band Bajaa Baraat, a Peshwa in Bajirao Mastani, a high class guy in Dil Dhadakne DO, con-man in Lootera, and the list goes on and on. So, you see the point, he experiments with his roles, most of the times. Hence, you should better keep your mouth shut.

  1. He hooks up with his female co-stars.

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Wow, are you insane??? Ranveer is a one woman kind of guy and he has proven it by being with Deepika Padukone.

Maybe he dated Anushka Sharma during the time of Band, Bajaa Baraat. But that doesn’t mean he dates his female  co-stars.
Did he date Prianka Chopra, Sonakshi Singha, etc… NO, he didn’t. Then, why would you say that.

  1. He doesn’t look great at all.

Displaying dressing style.jpgDare Say It to a Ranveer Singh FanWHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Ranveer Singh, we are talking about Ranveer Singh here who can pull off both shaved and unshaved look, who can go bald and still make girls drool over him. He is drop dead handsome.

  1. Deepika Padhukone is such a great person and how come she ends up with a person like him?

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Deepika is one of the luckiest woman because Ranveer makes a perfect partner and is so loving. He cherishes her, respects her, adores her AND loves her. What else a woman can ask for? Have you ever watched those award functions or any of the interviews? Next time you watch please notice the way Ranveer keeps looking at Deepika you’d know what I’m talking about.

Well, that is just how the fans are. Well maybe, I am too. If you aren’t his fan then you should definitely read this twice and if you are then we KNOW that you’ll share this.

And go on kyuki humne Ranveer se mohabbat ki hai, aiyaashi nhi!