This little book store in Delhi sells books starting at Rs 10...

This little book store in Delhi sells books starting at Rs 10 & you should definitely check it out1 min read

credits: so delhi

You read it right, it says 10 Rupees!

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So Delhi has this awesome place for bookworms and it’s called simply “Book Shop”.  The bookstore is situated inside the Lajpat Bhawan near

Moolchand metro station.

Source: SO Delhi

What you get in the store:-

  1. Variety and stock of books
  2. Old classics to the B-novels and newer ones too
  3. Books of all kinds stacked side by side in an unorganized manner.
  4. The store has an old world charm around it, with books costing as little as Rs. 10 and latest bestsellers too.
  5. Range of price varies from Rs. 10 to Rs.150 (some new books also).
  6. The books are by the thousands and if it pleases you, sit, turn your internet off, stop scrolling Instagram and go through all of them.
source: so delhi

When is it open?

The store remains open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 10.30 am and 1 pm

The store also invites you to contribute from your own books collection. So if you like the place, you could spread the cheer by sharing some of your own favorite books.

Long story short – We, the book lovers are glad that a place like this exists. *we are totally checking it out soon*.

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