Delhi girl’s lover leaks her pics online, court gives a bizzare order3...

Delhi girl’s lover leaks her pics online, court gives a bizzare order3 min read

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Chilly winters are slowly going away and the season of love is making place for itself. Hello to all the lovers (preferentially the platonic ones!)

Although, today our topic is much different and in a society where Law and Order are  considered as one of the supreme pillars of power and authority, people tend to forget that in lieu of going by the Law procedures, someone maybe suffering to get justice.


Well, recently one such incident has been reported wherein a girl from Delhi was caught in the legal tangle when she found her nude pictures circulating on porn websites which had probably been uploaded allegedly by an ex-boyfriend for more than two weeks.

Can you imagine a close one in such a condition?

I guess this is the question which we should ask our authorities because for more than two weeks, a 22-year old Delhi University student frantically pleaded in front of the authorities and get help in return. The government’s department of technology asked her to get a court order before any steps to remove content under new guidelines are laid down by the Supreme Court.“Getting a court order is such a lengthy and exhaustive process and it adds to the woes of the victims”, said cyber expert and advocate Prashant Mali.

All messed up? What actually happened?

It was after three months of break up, that the girl received a text message from a friend who informed her that certain inappropriate pictures of her were being circulated online. Moreover, she also started received messages from strangers and soon the links for the pictures went viral and it became difficult for her to go out of the house.

She approached the police and registered a FIR on January 7. Cops lodged a case under the Information and Technology Act and had also booked the accused for criminal intimidation. When the department of Technology was approached to block the sites and pull down the content, Dept. of Tech gave an unusual response stating that a court would be required to take any further action. The police finally obtained the order on January 23.

A 2015 judgment of the Supreme Court stated that “a court’s order or a notification from a government agency was a must before taking down any content online or for removing any specific information.”

Now, when the internet abuse is increasing, the ministry should come up with some fresh regulations so that such crimes can be halted or at least reduced. One of the important regulations to be added is that all the victims should be provided with a personal and proper counseling so that they are able to move ahead in life without ruining their lives.

We really hope that people STOP being so inhuman since leaking your ex lover’s pics, for whatever reason, can really in all senses destroy their lives. It’s unethical and just when we thought people were growing up, this case came into being.

We would like the system to change its rules so that people don’t have to suffer while following legal procedures! Let us know your thoughts on the matte