Do we need separate zones for girls in fests? Here’s what we...

Do we need separate zones for girls in fests? Here’s what we think2 min read

pic source: Indian Express

The college festival season is booming with all the fun and amusement in the world but has not left behind the myths and insecurities associated with it. One of these is that girls should be wary of attending college fests, especially if it’s a late night event.

You ask why?

Well, feast your eyes with the reasons!

  1. She is a girl and
  2. This is DILLI. And
  3. There are BOYS at fests; ALL SORTS OF THEM.

Sadly, the reason behind such gyaan being given is the ever increasing rate of molestation instances against women in the Capital State. Recently we published a report of two girls being molested by two IITians during their fest.

Whether it is eve teasing or physical molestation, every girl has experienced it in one form or the other. This has given rise to mental molestation and an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.

No place is safe anymore -be it metro stations, pavements, colleges, places of worships, or College Fests! We regret to say it but we don’t deserve the tag of being a civilized state.

Fests have become an opportunity for lowly minded crooks to grab and grope a woman here and there. Women are made fun of and laughed at by these perverts as if they’re carrying on a magnificent tradition. What it really is, is a highly shameful act of robbing women off of their rights. Where women should have equal rights and freedom, the capital has become a place that engenders inequality and breeds fear.

This has led to an increase in the demand for separate areas for both men and women in the college fests.

This, should become a norm for the event managers, to provide a decent level of comfort and a sense of safety to women. A separate arena creates a line of boundary keeping perverted lunatics away and letting girls enjoy the fests and not making it a horrible experience for them.

Let everyone enjoy their freedom by not forcing them to return back to their beds because their safety can’t be guaranteed. Let them live, let them dance their shoes off, Let them breathe! Admire them, but be a gentleman. A cool outfit and biology doesn’t make someone a Man, but a sense of right and wrong might do!

What do you think about the issue? What’s the situation like at your college?
Let us know in the comments below!Who knows, we might make a campaign out of it 🙂

We say because we care. Have fun in fests but remember to not make anyone else’s day- a nightmare.

Edits by: Aditya Mishra