Every year thousands of XIIies dream of getting good marks in the nightmare-giver board examinations with the only dream of getting into a good college of their choice. They work the whole year to grab a seat in some reputed college of Delhi University. They work hard to match up with the cut-offs but most of the time, they do not get into their dream college not because they did not study hard enough or did not score good enough but because their marks were not high enough to match the cut off. The questions arise, do only marks decide your fate? Does your future only depend upon the marks you score? And, can we call this system just?

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With increase in the cut offs each year, there is an increased mental pressure not only on the students but the parents as well. Nowadays, the percentages go so high that the colleges cannot maintain a standard percentage for admission. But the question is, after getting maximum of 100% percentage of cut off, what would the colleges do next since they cannot increase any further? Do only the marks depict whether you’re good for a particular college or not?


Maybe it is believed that with an increase in the cut off, there would be an increase in competition among students and would motivate them to work hard, but does it really motivate the students? I believe that these high cut offs would demotivate a student when even after all the hard work, he/she cannot get into his/her dream college. Also, these cut offs do not portray a student’s intellectual ability which would only be portrayed through interview system through which in the long run, the University can bring in more prospective students. These high cut offs add on to academic pressure and are a biased set of admissions.


Thus, these increasing cut offs not only increase the anxiety levels of students but also fail to provide a good platform to the prospective students.

It is not justifiable for colleges to put very high cut-offs. Instead colleges should conduct interviews and aptitude tests in order to test a student’s mental ability.