Colleges aka make out spots during fests ?1 min read

Colleges aka make out spots during fests ?1 min read


We all are very well aware of the fact that college fests attract a huge crowd. Only the thought of seeing new and pretty faces of boys and girls are enough to make us feel excited. While for the singles, college fests are oceans to explore fishes , for the committed people, the fests are an excellent opportunity to make out and spend some quality time with each other.

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During the fests the college authorities are so busy, that no one has the time to actually check on these people. Amongst the hustle and bustle, these couples manage to sneak up to the segregated areas of the college and have their little honeymoon. I happened to be present during the fest of this one college where the situation had gotten so bad that the college authorities had to college authorities had to call in police to guard the building so that no couple can use the classrooms for their romance.

 But despite all this fuss, the college serve as an excellent opportunity for couples to spend some quality time together. There’s food, good music and of course lots of dancing and fun. What else do couples need right?

 Now coming to the’singles ready to mingle strata’ of DU fest attendees, fests provide excellent opportunity to find their partners and change their relationship status. While we are aware of the stages that the girl and the boy have to go through before love blossoms yet the first step of this process may as well be provided by the space of DU’s rocking fests.

So what are you guys waiting for, go grab the opportunity before it gets to some other.

Cheers ! And good luck 😛