OMG! DU first cut off list 2016 is here & it’s going...

OMG! DU first cut off list 2016 is here & it’s going to shock you2 min read

Delhi University first cut off list 2016

So the most awaited DU first cut off list 2016 is out. But this time it seems as if DU is not in the mood to give admissions (well has it ever been?). Sky rising cutoffs have cut down the academic feathers of many birds. Read on to know more about what’s new this year!

(Caution – your jaw might drop after reading this).


As it is observed this time the competition among the colleges of north campus has increased itself, as if the competition among the campuses wasn’t enough!

Do you know that Ramjas college’s cutoff for (H) is higher (99.25%) than the most renowned commerce college SRCC(98%). Hindu college has exceptionally low cutoff for B.Sc physical sciences (95.66%) but high for many other courses like Physics(H) (98%) due to which only some are successful in paving their way towards it.


Coming towards the south campus, Venketeswara College has also increased its cut off this year to 97% for Eco(H), whereas in Gargi college, it’s only 90% for B.Sc in botany.

Delhi University first cut off list 2016

Though DU is known for its high cut offs but it seems as if some colleges are contradicting this fact this year, namely Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Bhagini Nivedita which have cutoffs revolving around 75-85%. On the contrary it’s an astonishing fact that many off campus colleges have tried to match their cutoffs with that of north and south campus colleges like Shivaji’s first cutoff is 96% which is really unbelievable. This time even the students with quota are unsatisfied because the off campus colleges have stopped their cutoffs to 90-94% for them…then what to expect for the north and south campus? But the cutoff for Hindi (H) is very low be it south campus or north campus, for instance in LSR its only 84%.


So many changes have been brought this year. MISSION DU is proving to be difficult for students because some are even not in the position to get admission in an off campus college. So this time around, DU has shattered many dreams but brought some to the cloud nine.

Maybe this is why it is THE Delhi University, no one knows what might be coming next!

We hope that this bittersweet report helps you guys in getting into your dream college and if you haven’t got the one you wanted (thanks to the ridiculously high cut offs), we would advise you to hold on and wait for the second list. Who knows that this time around DU might want to be merciful!

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