DU Girls win the Worlwide Street Band competiton by Toyota3 min read

DU Girls win the Worlwide Street Band competiton by Toyota3 min read


Delhi University has the richest list of amazing alumnae. Be it actors, politicians, media persons, etc. You name it and we have them.

Adding to that glorious list are the two girls Maneswita Jaiswal and Chelie Solo from the I.P. College for Women. These girls have won the worldwide street band competition, ‘Feeling the Street’.

Feeling the Street is a global initiative from TOYOTA to celebrate the amazing, unknown artists with whom they share the world’s streets. In short, it’s a worldwide talent quest for street musicians where the viewers are the judge and this time the winners are going to perform all over Australia.

In a latest conversation with Maneswita Jaiswal, a second year B. COM. student and an incredibly talented drummer she came out to be a really down to Earth person. From the way she looks, people often take her as a shy and silent girl, but actually, she is very happy go lucky person. She has been a musician since she was a toddler and unlike most of us, Maneswita realized that music was her call pretty soon in her life. ‘I started off with singing shifting on to the keyboard, then to the guitar and finally found love in drums. So, that’s what I want to be mainly. Be a drummer’ she admitted with a coy smile.

Her passion for music displays in the amount of instruments she plays- guitar, ukulele, synth, harmonica, drums and the list go on. When asked about her reaction to her victory, she said ‘I never dreamt of performing with an international band, specially winning a trip like this. But I guess once you really do what you love, life surprises you.’

She also admitted that their band worked really hard till the last day of the competition, accepting that the quest was tough. She even performed at C.P. multiple times with her band’s lead singer and her friend, Chelie Solo. ‘Winning the competition is like the best thing that could happen to me. We literally earned it and it was overwhelming to see the amount of support I got from everybody.’ She remained optimistic and concluded ‘the best is yet to come’ and that she’ll continue to be inexplicably passionate about music and will pay back her supporters by doing good in music. ‘I’ll continue with my passion for music as that’s what I have always wanted to do and also, do as much justice as I can to music’ she ended, reflecting that she’ll learn as much as she can as there’s no limit to music.

The competition enjoyed participation by hundreds of street musicians from all over the globe. The participants had to go through 2 rounds to finally come out as a winner, from which the best six of them got combined as a street band. The winning band this time, has entitled itself as ‘The Street Souls’ and is the second global street band ever! The other winning band members include- Thomas Cheval (on keys) from Italy, Héctor Matías ( on guitar/bass) from Chile, Albert Peres (on drums) from Colombia, Robson Peres (on miscellaneous) from Brazil.

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