Forget the bars, this neem tree in DU is oozing out free...

Forget the bars, this neem tree in DU is oozing out free beer!2 min read


Delhi University is famous for everything, from the craziest and happening fests to the diverse population from all over India, from the best colleges of India to the most creative societies in various colleges and what not.

BUT the strangest thing that is happening lately in the DU Campus is students going crazy over a Neem tree.

Yes, you read it absolutely right, A NEEM TREE! A neem tree which has been oozing beer. It is located on north campus, in case you want to see it yourself! It’s indeed a great treat for the students who love free beer (who doesn’t?)  in a natural open bar (kahin bhi pila lo, free hai!).

Popular among the locals and students, this neem tree first began oozing liquid alcoholic sap in November 2016. The liquid which was discovered was fermented and is similar to toddy, accordingly to the taste of this special drink it is slightly more on the bitter side which is kinda obvious as it comes from the neem tree. It oozes out 10 liter beer, everyday but it is advised not to drink it raw.

This interesting discovery had drawn the attention of the Environment Management of Degraded Ecosystems of Delhi University into studying more about this neem- beer. Dr. David Kothamasi, the assistant professor at the department, said that it is not the kind of toddy which is usually extracted from the palm trees, but they detect it to be some kind of microbial activity happening inside the tree. The microbe is helping the tree sap to ferment.

Adding on to the list of strange things, someone has even put up a bucket on top of the tree to collect each drop of the exotic neem beer and it has become an open site for laborers working around in the area.

The scent of the liquid sap is so strong that one can smell it from 10 feet away. People reckon that since it’s a neem tree, the sap is not really harmful.

For all the DU students, you must go and check this out. Also, if you have already tasted it then throws some light on this matter in the comment section below.

“mil baat ke peene ka maza hi alag hai.”- golden rule, share away!

Edits by: Rajni Aishvarya