Delhi University scraps 30% seats in MA English arbitrarily, gives rise to...

Delhi University scraps 30% seats in MA English arbitrarily, gives rise to protests and unrest!4 min read


In 2014 when I joined one of the best universities in the world for
pursuing English Honors, I had a dream to do a masters diploma in the same subject from this university. However, in the present
scenario, it seems quite impossible for students like me who have
scored good (and not ridiculously high for a language course) to get a seat in the Department of English.

Media channels are flooded with the news of an arbitrary reduction of 30% seats in the university and there is no denying the fact that this decision is completely relentless. Read the report by Indian Express here – we-were-not-informed-say-teachers-4770656/

116 seats have been scrapped from the total number of seats and I would like to mention here that there are 20 colleges in the
university which offer this course and it is quite impossible for them to suddenly realize that they are over crowded!

Since the last two to three years, 425 students have been getting
seats in the course and this year only 299 students got through the first list. The reduction becomes all the more suspicious when the teachers claim that they were not even informed about this decision, let alone the aspirants.

Due to the lack of any proper information about the number of seats this year, everyone automatically expected the number to stay the same as the last year. As a result, many high scoring students left their admission opportunities in the other universities because it was more likely for them to get into the University of Delhi! We would like to inform here that 50% of the seats are reserved for the students of Delhi University and the other half is open through an entrance test for the students of all universities.

What is to happen to the students now? When their own university refuses them the legitimate seats, where are they supposed to go? These are some of the questions which haunt our minds and the same questions get me worried about my situation.

The teachers are quite enraged about the whole affair and are deeply criticizing the abrupt and thoughtless decision of the people in the administration.
Given below is a letter written by an elected member of the panel to the Vice Chancellor of the University, urging him to restore the balance:

Dear Prof Tyagi,

After the publication of the first list of MA English admissions for
2017, it is noticeable that there is a reduction of 116 seats in MA. We have been admitting around 425 students in the colleges and 116 students in the NCWEB in the previous years. This time the NCWEB seats are subtracted from the total number of college seats.

This is extremely distressing as even in the AC this matter was not reported. And hundreds of eligible, meritorious aspirants from all categories and across the country are denied admission this year. It is also pointed out that the number of total seats was never publically displayed this year and many students relied on last year’s data to logically assume that the number of seats will be the same as last year’s. This must have convinced them to opt out of other eligible places in favor of a premier central university like ours, and this now will lead to no admission for those hundreds of students due to the last date for admission in other universities.

It is requested that the number be restored to last years and any
reduction (cannot imagine a reduction as the demand has been increasing and our commitment is for quality as well as quantity) or change can be effected only after publically stating the change and justifying it. Please also note that the 20 colleges offering MA in English have more than the 299 seats allotted this year. Whoever has reduced the allotment has done it arbitrarily and without approval from the statutory bodies like the AC.

As a member of the AC, I request you to restore status quo in the
number of seats in MA English by releasing a second list immediately.

Thank you.
Sachin N
Elected AC Member, University of Delhi

All of us can contribute by raising our voices in the form of an open letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University and we at Campus Drift totally refuse to accept this move of the Administrating body. In the time when the need for higher education is increasing exponentially, this step of the University makes us less hopeful about the future of education in the country.

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