Examination Special- 5 bizarre superstitions before an exam!3 min read

Examination Special- 5 bizarre superstitions before an exam!3 min read


When exams are round the corner there is a huge difference in our daily routine. Suddenly we are sucked into the vortex of reality from where there is no escape.

Long hours of reading, all-nighters, caffeine  etc might draw a tangent to our general behavior.  No matter how calm and rational we may claim to be , few of us can honestly accept that  at least once  we have followed some superstitions

They might be totally useless and don’t actually affect our performance at all, but everyone is allowed to be superstitious sometimes!


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Read on to know some of the common yet bizarre superstitions students follow during exams:

1)The same brand: There might be a brand of pen, or a particular color that might prove lucky for you! Always using the same brand of pen ;for exams is not uncommon. A pen that writes with a stardust of luck can be a good tagline for commercial advertising. There will surely be many takers to experimentally test it!

2)No turning back:

The subheading looks motivational and might be a precursor to forward thinking, but its just another superstition. Once you step out of the house do not return back; its bad luck!

Tough luck if you have to return to take your admit card though.

3)All is good with sugar and curd: This is a common one and mostly advised by elderly people. Apparently having curd and sugar before an exam can make you fortuitous.

4)Dress to score: It’s all about the blues and checks. We all have that one phase when we decide that a particular t-shirt, scarf or even earrings add on positivity and luck to our exam.

5)Sound of music:

Do you have a song that lifts up your spirits before an exam? Or the song which proves to be auspicious before the exam?

There are students who only listen to a particular song on exam dates to streamline their thoughts and add to the luck factor.

For the rest of us, however confident we may feel about our exam preparations, a little bit of superstition or “precaution” never did any harm, did it?

We all know that proper preparation, a calm mind and confidence is the key to ace exams. Luck, fate destiny plays a subjective ancillary role. But we still follow our own idiosyncrasies, sometimes to the extreme.

Is it wrong to believe in such exam superstitions?

No it is not. Our thought process is closely linked to what is likely to manifest. Hence if you believe that a little something adds more positivity to your exam then there is no harm in doing it. But we must be well aware of the limits and logical basis of such beliefs.

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